Injury, Illness and Accident Prevention

Injury, illness, and accident prevention is one of the most important initiatives within the office of EH&S.  All campus injuries, illnesses, and accidents are investigated and prompt corrective action is implemented whenever possible.  The office of EH&S also proactively targets identifying and correcting unsafe situations during program development, interaction with workers, inspections, training, material handling investigations, ergonomic assessments, and environmental assessments. Beyond identifying why and how injuries and illnesses occur, the office of EH&S tracks injuries, illnesses and accidents by location, occupation, department, and month.  This tracking helps to identify trends and establish timely and effective corrective action.

All occupational injuries and illnesses must be reported by using SUNY Cortland’s Employee Injury, Illness, Medical Emergency Report form (Form WC-1). Moreover, procedures and responsibilities for reporting injuries, illnesses, accidents and other emergencies are outlined in SUNY Cortland’s Reporting Procedures for On-The-Job Accidents, Injuries, Illness, and Medical Emergencies document.  Please contact the Environmental Health and Safety Office if you have questions or input involving SUNY Cortland’s Injury, Illness, and Accident Prevention Program 607-753-2508.