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Care and Outreach Services

Care and Outreach Services 

It is very normal for students to encounter some difficult situations throughout the college experience.  Sometimes it may involve academic struggles, social pressures, personal issues and physical or mental health concerns. Students who experience increased levels of stress or anxiety may exhibit signs of distress or find themselves in crisis.  Feeling continuously overwhelmed will affect academic success and overall well-being.    

Care and Outreach will provide advocacy and offer guidance to help students navigate challenges and assist in identifying and connecting them to the appropriate resources and support services that are available both on and off campus. 

When to make a referral:

Referrals should be made if you are concerned about a student's well-being or notice unusual changes in a student’s behavior. Students may also self-refer or contact Care and Outreach Services directly to receive assistance. In conjunction with the Behavioral Assessment Team, Care and Outreach Services will review and assess incoming referrals that have been made and conduct appropriate outreach and follow-up as required.

When a referral is made or a concern is reported Care and Outreach Services will:

  • Serve as the primary contact to assess, assist, and respond to concerns for students well-being. 
  • Provide outreach to identified students.
  • Identify appropriate on-campus or off-campus community resources that will assist the student.
  • Meet with students and provide advocacy and guidance to connect to the appropriate support services.
  • Make referrals and assist with the navigation to available on or off-campus resources.
  • Monitor progress and offer follow-up meetings as needed.
  • Discuss the issues that the student is struggling to handle on their own.
  • Prioritize the student’s needs and discuss options.
  • Recognize each student’s individual strengths.
  • Establish goals and benchmarks to help work through issues.
  • Create an action plan or guided next steps.

Care and Outreach Services is a non-clinical support service, not to be mistaken with therapy or counseling. Students who exhibit the need to be connected with a mental health professional will be referred to the Counseling Center or to local off-campus services. When working with Care and Outreach Services, confidentiality is handled differently than with students receiving medical or mental health treatment. Information may be discretely shared with other campus professionals. Students may be asked to complete a Limited Release of Information Form (PDF).


The mission of Care and Outreach Services is to provide advocacy, comprehensive support and access to resources that will help empower students and strengthen their overall personal well-being and academic success.


To reinforce self-advocacy and confidence in students and emphasize the utilization of resources and support to improve overall well-being.

Care and Outreach Services

Emily Quinlan, M.A.
Assistant Director
Care and Outreach Services

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