Spring 2021 Guide and COVID-19 information

Custodial Services Staff

Supervising Janitors

Stacy Rundell, Zone 1

Brockway Hall, Cheney Hall, DeGroat Hall, Dowd Fine Arts Building, Miller Building, Old Main, President's Residence, Sperry Center

Daphne Guy, Zone 2

Bowers Hall, Child Care Center, Corey Union, Education Building, Memorial Library, Moffett Center, Van Hoesen/Cornish

Cheryl St. Peter, Zone 3

Alger Hall, Bishop Hall, Casey Tower, Fitzgerald Hall, Hayes Hall, Leadership House, Randall Hall, Winchell Hall

Ron Gray, Zone 4

Clark Hall, Dragon Hall, Glass Tower, Hendrick Hall, Higgins Hall, Shea Hall, Smith Towers

Denise DuBrava, Zone 5

Lusk Field House, Park Center, Professional Studies, Service Group, Student Life Center, Stadium Complex, West Campus, Whitaker Hall, McDonald Building

Denise Wavle, Zone 6 (Odd Shifts)

Bowers Hall, Child Care Center, Memorial Library, Miller Building, Park Center, Professional Studies Building, Student Life Center, Van Hoesen Hall

Alger Hall, x2126

  • Shelley Kirkey, Janitor
  • James Kline, Cleaner
  • Richard Lee, Cleaner

Bishop Hall, x2110

  • Dave Haggerty, Janitor
  • Constance Morse, Cleaner
  • Cindy Brown, Cleaner

Bowers Hall, x4720

  • Jesse Johnson, Janitor
  • Holly Verbeck, Cleaner
  • Erik Smith, Cleaner

Odd Shifts

  • Jackie Ryan, Cleaner

Brockway Hall, x2324

  • Sheryl Robertson, Janitor

Casey Tower, x2137

  • Ryan Caughey, Janitor
  • Ashley Clark, Cleaner
  • Alicia LaFavor, Cleaner
  • Susan Root, Cleaner
  • Rick Epp, Cleaner

Cheney Hall, x2102

  • Brittany Harvey, Janitor
  • Wilson Brown, Cleaner
  • Will Smith, Cleaner
  • Tara Allen, Cleaner

Child Care Center, x5955

  • Odd Shifts
  • Diane Purvis, Cleaner

Clark Hall, x5935

  • Michele Cornelius, Janitor
  • Melissa Nye, Cleaner
  • Chrissy Reagan, Cleaner

Corey Union, x4305

  • Robert Wright, Janitor
  • Martin Soule, Janitor
  • Mike Truman, Cleaner
  • Colleen Trinkle, Cleaner

DeGroat Hall, x2132

  • Nancy Hartford, Janitor
  • Lori Keep, Cleaner
  • Anita Burnette, Cleaner

Dowd Fine Arts Building, x4547

  • Wilma Kile, Janitor
  • Tammy Magee, Cleaner
  • Heather McCaskill, Cleaner
  • Maty Kressler, Temp cleaner

Dragon Hall, x2176

  • Steve Lizzo, Janitor
  • Amanda Peck, Cleaner
  • Robert Kurtz, Cleaner
  • Mark Goff, Cleaner

Education Building, x4355

  • Bonnie Daniels, Cleaner

Fitzgerald Hall, x2109

  • Barb Field, Janitor
  • Joan Root, Cleaner
  • Kayla Stockton, Cleaner
  • Jackie Breed, Temp Cleaner

Glass Tower, x2140

  • Greg Peters, Janitor
  • Susan Drake, Cleaner
  • Laura Stoker, Cleaner

Hayes Hall, x2113

  • Laurie Jones, Janitor
  • Joe Kopp, Cleaner
  • Kelly Sturmer, Cleaner

Hendrick Hall, x2229

  • Candi Thornton, Janitor
  • Pam White, Cleaner
  • Tim Stevens, Cleaner

Higgins Hall, x2117

  • Tammy Vassalotti, Janitor
  • Bonnie West, Cleaner
  • Rosemary Root, Cleaner

Leadership House

  • Vacant, Cleaner

Memorial Library, x2115

  • Michelle Ryan, Cleaner
  • Colleen Trinkle, Cleaner

Odd Shifts

  • Robert Burleigh, Janitor
  • Teresa Wallace, Cleaner
  • Tina Peacock, Cleaner

Miller Building, x2125

  • Odd Shifts
  • Elizabeth Mokos, Janitor
  • Brendan Barry, Cleaner

Moffett Center, x2107

    Robert Orphan, Janitor
  • Brandon Thomas, Cleaner
  • Heather McCaskill, Cleaner

Old Main Building, x2123

  • Anthony Petrella, Janitor
  • Joan Carey, Cleaner
  • Connie Uzailko, Cleaner
  • Kathy Caughey, Cleaner
  • Karen Kabanuk, Temp Cleaner

Park Center, x4959

  • Leann Nye, Janitor
  • Sharon Peters, Janitor
  • Judy Daniels, Cleaner
  • Luke Thornton, Cleaner
  • Jessica McUmber-Park, Cleaner
  • Tanya Lowie, Cleaner
  • Ciara Hilsinger, Cleaner
  • Jesse Frost, Temp Cleaner
  • Odd Shifts
  • Amy Williams, Janitor
  • Andrew Keegan, Janitor
  • Chris Dwyer, Cleaner
  • Sarah Theriot, Cleaner
  • Chris Dwyer, Cleaner

President's Residence

  • Brenda Lillie, Housekeeper

Professional Studies Building, x2190

  • Darwin Bartholomew, Janitor
  • Ron Benda, Cleaner
  • Karen Barney, Cleaner
  • Odd Shifts
  • Vacant, Cleaner

Randall Hall, X2108

  • Kathy McCracken, Janitor
  • Kimberly Wakula, Cleaner
  • Patti Fisk, Cleaner

Service Group

  • Vacant, Janitor

Shea Hall, x2225

  • Barb Smith, Janitor
  • Derek Ponton, Cleaner
  • Robert Kurtz, Cleaner

Smith Towers, x2106

  • Erika Caughey, Janitor
  • Wayne Riek, Cleaner
  • Teresa Nelson, Cleaner
  • Susan Root, Cleaner
  • Rick Epp, Cleaner

Sperry Center, x2119

  • Steven Harringer, Janitor
  • Diane Eccleston, Cleaner
  • Chelsea Bochino, Cleaner

Stadium Complex, x4741

  • Leann Nye, Janitor

Student Life Center, x2180

  • Mark Griswold, Janitor
  • Karen LaShomb-Miner, Cleaner
  • Odd Shifts
  • Zak Sherman, Cleaner
  • Scott Stanley, Cleaner
  • Sue Harkin, Cleaner

Van Hoesen Hall / Cornish Hall x2103

  • Vicky Rainbow, Janitor
  • Doug Adsit, Cleaner
  • Molly Mau, Cleaner
  • Mikaela Blackman, Cleaner

Odd Shifts

  • Zackary Sherman, Cleaner

West Campus, x2136

  • Chris Mc Nabb, Janitor

Whitaker Hall / McDonald Building, x2037

  • Pattie Fox, Janitor

Winchell Hall, x2904

  • Wayne Riek, Cleaner

Resources for Custodians

The following resources are intended for custodians only: