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Substance Abuse Prevention and Education

Girl On Steps of a BuildingSubstance Abuse Prevention and Education recognizes the adjustments students face when they embark on their academic careers. This sometimes includes moving away from family and long-time friends, to a new living and learning environment.

The manner in which students cope with these changes, and develop throughout their college years impacts the preparedness for their lives after college. Maintaining a healthy balance between social, academic, and work priorities can assist in this process, while use of alcohol and other drugs may compromise this development.

Our office exists to help students understand the connection between substance abuse and future success, to identify their individual risk factors for chemical dependency, and examine the choices they have made regarding alcohol and other drug use. Toward this goal, we provide the following services:

  • AlcoholEdu is an online course designed specifically to help students who have violated alcohol policies make safer, healthier choices. The course provides a strong educational foundation to support campus judicial programs and is an essential component of our comprehensive alcohol prevention initiatives.
  • The Judicial Educator is an online course designed specifically to help students who have violated the marijuana policy.
  • Alcohol Free Environments and Events
  • Academic Courses for Credit All new students receive substance abuse education in a required course called COR 101: The Cortland Experience.
  • Counseling Individual counseling at our Counseling Center is available for students with alcohol or other drug-related problems.
  • Educational Workshops
    The coordinator is available to conduct a variety of training sessions and workshops on substance abuse for residence halls, classes and organizations.
  • Information and Resources
    A variety of written and videotaped materials concerning the issues of substance use and abuse are available for use by students. Information about campus and other community resources is also available.

Online Resources

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