Campus Entrance Lighting Change

SUNY Cortland participates in awareness campaigns by changing the color of lights at its three main campus entrances located at Court Street, Route 13 and Route 281.

Entrance Lights Color Change Request Form

Qualifying awareness campaigns will be part of widely recognized national and state initiatives and align with SUNY Cortland’s strategic campus priority of well-being. Official university-wide events, such as Commencement or Red Dragon Pride Day, also can be commemorated.

No holidays or politicized topics will be considered. Politicized topics are those that reflect an opinion of preference and/or may stir deep-seated convictions with enthusiastic proponents on opposing sides. Parameters will align with the State University of New York and SUNY Cortland ethics laws and mission statement and will be decided by the Marketing Committee.

A complete schedule of campaigns will be available on this website along with an explanation of each.

The entrance light change is permitted for a minimum length of one day and a maximum length of one month. The amount of time may be adjusted at the university’s discretion.

The campaigns are designed to educate our community and will be highlighted via social media, visual messaging boards and The Bulletin.

To begin the process, please complete the Entrance Lights Color Change Request Form. This form must be submitted at least one week in advance of the awareness campaign start date. Campaign dates will be assigned on a first come first serve basis. Applications will be reviewed by a subcommittee of the Marketing Committee.

This policy will be reviewed and re-evaluated annually.