For Faculty/Staff

Syllabus Statement

You are welcome to use the following statement on your course syllabi to inform your students about The Learning Center:

The Learning Center (top floor of Van Hoesen Hall, Room B-205) welcomes all students! We offer friendly and accessible ways to receive support in your courses with 1-on-1 tutoring and group workshop programs. If you are concerned about passing a class, gaining a clearer understanding of course material, or bumping up a B to an A, stop by the office, visit The Learning Center webpage, email, or call 607-753-4309 for more information.

Or scan here to visit our website: QR code

Referrals to work with professional tutors

Do you find yourself working with students who demonstrate a pattern of behavior that interferes with their academic success? Are there recurring errors or difficulties? Do such students express concerns about their academic performance?

The Learning Center has a referral process for professional tutoring to help address your concerns.

To make a referral, download and save a copy of our referral form (see sub-menu at right-hand side). After you complete the form, please email the referral as an attachment to our administrative assistant: Please print a copy for your student as well. The student should bring the referral to The Learning Center, B-205 Van Hoesen Hall, email the Center at, or call 607-753-4309 to schedule an appointment. Ask the student to let the administrative assistant know about the referral to The Learning Center for a professional tutoring appointment.