Challenging Text Tips


Reading a Challenging Text? 

Our Graduate Students have some tips & tricks to help get you through it!

  • Take Your Time!
    • Use computer to listen to the text o Synthesize thoughts in sections
    • Reread a few times
  • Become One with the Text
    • Read text aloud to yourself
    • Have a conversation with yourself
    • Synthesize ideas
    • Pick apart the text
  • Tricky Words?
    • Look it up!
    • Don’t get tripped up over one word
    • Write down key vocab words
  • Take Notes
    • Pull direct quotes
    • Reword text into friendly language
    • Speak notes into laptop or phone for digital copy
  • Annotate the Text
    • Mark up the margins
    • Use Post-it Notes
    • Highlight & underline
    • Use symbols for big ideas & questions
  • Make Connections  
    • With other courses
    • Share ideas with classmates
    • With other readings


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