Time Management

Tips for Time Management

  • Write down due dates (Using Blackboard and your syllabi )
  • Find and use the organizational/planning tool that works best for you (Planner, app, spreadsheet, desk calendar, whiteboard, sticky notes, etc.)
  • Break it down (What steps do you need to accomplish to complete the task?)
  • Work backwards (When is it due? How can you space out the steps to complete the task?)

Did you know?

Research suggests that procrastination is a mood and emotion regulation issue, not a time management issue. You can use your behavior to change your emotions, so...

  • Just do the next thing (Concentrate on the next task only)
  • Build momentum (Commit to working only for five minutes. Continuing will be easier once you have a sense of accomplishment)
  • Understand the consequences for managing your emotions with procrastination (Procrastination usually leads to feelings of guilt, so there's a cost to watching all that TikTok!)

Helpful Offices

The Learning Center - Time management, writing, reading, math, chemistry, study skills, test-taking, peer tutoring, peer-led workshops

The Writing Center - Writing assignments at any stage of the assignment

The Library - Research