Active Reading Tips

Preview your text

  • Print it out, if you prefer
  • Consider how the text fits within the course’s content
  • Consider the contents: look at headings, pictures, captions, etc.
  • Break down longer readings into smaller “chunks”
  • Develop expectations and questions using titles, headings and sub-headings

Interact with your text

  • Take notes or annotate: within the text or by using sticky notes, flashcards, etc.
  • Analyze and interpret key details and big ideas
  • Connect what you’re reading to other texts and topics in the course
  • Reflect on how it relates to the course

Take action with the text! Use one (or more) of these options:

  • Talk with someone else about the text
  • Make up your own questions about the text
  • Answer questions: your own questions, chapter questions
  • Write a summary: put it into your own words
  • Make an organizational chart or Venn diagram
  • Review your notes and annotations: clarify and adjust as needed