How to Schedule with Bookings

How-To for Scheduling a Peer Tutoring Appointment

  1. Click the “make appointment” link.
  2. When the page loads it will look something like this:


   3. Select A Service—check the circle of the course you want to schedule an appointment for.

            a. Courses are listed alphabetically, and to see the full list of what is currently being offered,

                 click “more services.”

   4. Once you’ve selected the course, the calendar with dates and times will be activated.

         a. Open days appear black, while unavailable days appear gray.


    5. Select the day you want and then the time.

    6. Fill in your information below the calendar. 


   7. Once all your information has been added, click book to confirm your appointment.

   8. When your appointment has been confirmed you will be redirected to the confirmation screen.

   9. All confirmation details will also be sent to the email address you provided.


  • What do I do if the course I was looking to get tutoring for is not listed?
    • Email with the course and your information. There may be a tutor available who can tutor the course, or other arrangements the coordinators can recommend to you.

  • How do I cancel or reschedule my appointment?
    • On both the confirmation screen and the email you received has links to “cancel” and “reschedule”.
      • If it is a first appointment, please use the links in your email or contact
      • If it is a follow-up appointment with a recurring tutor, please contact your tutor and make the proper arrangements.            How do I sign-up for tutoring for more than 1 course? 
    • Repeat the same steps you used to sign-up for the first course, just choose the other course you are looking for

  • How often can I meet with a peer tutor?
    • You can meet with one peer tutor for one hour of tutoring per course per week, the cost of which will be covered by Mandatory Student Activities Fees

  • What is peer tutoring?
    • Peer tutoring is both academic support and practice with a trained fellow Cortland student. Your peer tutor has taken the course and passed with at least a B average. Peer Tutors have the content knowledge and act as guides to help you get to your level of desired success


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