Early Field Experience

Certification requirements established by the New York State Education Department mandate that each teacher candidate complete a minimum of 100 hours of field experience in classrooms prior to student teaching. Once a teacher candidate registers for a course with a field component attached, an announcement is automatically forwarded to their Personal Announcements in myRedDragon.  

This message instructs students to complete a Teacher Candidate Data Sheet within one week of registering for the course and to forward the data sheet to our office for processing. Under no circumstances is a teacher candidate to approach a principal or school administrator without prior approval from the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office. 

Teacher candidates are required to maintain an Early Field Experience Fieldwork Log for documenting hours/criteria.  Upon completion, students will obtain their host teachers' signatures and submit the log sheets to their course instructors.  Completed log sheets are kept in individual students' folders and maintained by the department/program of study for seven years.  Course instructors record the information from the log sheets to the Tally Sheets which are submitted to our office for processing.   

Student Teaching

Student teaching arrangements are coordinated through the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office in conjunction with the various departments/programs of study. Each department's Program Education Coordinator oversees the dynamics of student teaching.

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