Travel Information

College supervisors should download and complete Forms AC 132 and AC 160 using the Travel Voucher spreadsheet and forward a copy to the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office at the onset of every month for the previous month's travel.

Download Travel Voucher (XLS)

Or a travel packet may be requested from the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office by calling 607-753-2255.

Instructions for Completing Forms AC 132 and AC 160

Please be sure to follow all instructions and complete all forms correctly and neatly. These forms are audited by the State.

Form AC 132 (Travel Voucher)

Payee Name - Your last name, first name
Official Work Station – This will either be “Home” or “SUNY Cortland”. Please check with our office if unsure.
Destination – Please use your last destination that you visited.
Date and Time of Departure – Use the date & time you left on the first date of travel (from the AC160).
Date and Time of Return – Use the date & time you arrived back home (from the AC160).
Miscellaneous Expenses/Explanations - Tolls, etc. (Please attach ORIGINAL receipts.)
Total Mileage from attached AC 160 - Please obtain this information from your Form AC 160 and multiply your total number of miles by $0.655/mile (effective 1/1/2023). (Full Time Faculty will use SUNY Cortland as Official Station and will use the rate of $0.22/mile for reimbursement).
Payee's Certification: Please sign and date at the bottom and use your email address.

Form AC 160 (Statement of Automobile Travel)

Payee - Your first & last name
Date – For each day traveled
Between What Points - List the name of the school/agency to which you are traveling, and street address/city/zip code in which the school/agency is located. You must supply the school address at least one time on the form (no need to repeat). This is important for auditing purposes.
Meals Only (if applicable) – leave blank
Hour of Departure – Time you arrive
Hour of Arrival – Time you leave
Miles Traveled – Total miles for that day.  Do not use decimals; round each entry up or down to the nearest whole mile.
Total Miles – Included on AC160
Signature of Traveler – Sign at the bottom

Upon signing, please return this form, along with Form AC 132 (the travel voucher) to the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office, Education Building - Room 1105, no later than the 10th of the month following the calendar month covered on your forms.
Note: Travel Vouchers will be returned to any supervisor if all the required information is not appropriately indicated on the forms.

Please be sure to sign both the AC 132 and the AC 160.

Please contact the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office at 607-753-2255, if you need further information or assistance.