Top 10 Helpful Field Experience Tips

Communication And Scheduling

  • Contact host teacher as soon as placement is received to set up your schedule (even if you are not beginning immediately).
  • When contacting host teacher:
      • 1) use school website;
      • 2) find host teacher's email;
      • 3) put your contact information in your email;
      • 4) call school only if no response from email. 
  • If unable to participate on your scheduled day - contact the school/host teacher
  • If circumstances dictate a late arrival - contact the school/host teacher
  • Plan your semester schedule and begin your placement as soon as possible - the unexpected will occur

Project A Professional Demeanor At All Times

  • Discuss important and sensitive issues with appropriate individuals at appropriate times and in appropriate places
  • Your course instructor is your key point person
  • You are a role model for your students in your actions, language and appearance 

This Is "Your" Experience

  • Avoid focusing your interactions on peers and focus on the students in your classroom and your personal growth
  • Respond positively to opportunities offered by your host teacher  
  • Be clear on the field experience requirements and share them with your host teacher on the onset of the placement

Host teachers graciously volunteer to mentor teacher candidates - a hand written "thank you" note as a gesture of appreciation goes a long way.

This is an investment in your professional development.  It is your responsibility to make it the best it can be!