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Intramural Sports

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Registration for all intramural events is done online through IM Leagues.

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There are three different types of offerings in the Intramural Sports Program: Intramural Leagues, One Day Events/Tournaments, and Special Events.

Intramural Leagues generally run for about 5 weeks of round-robin play, followed in most cases by a single elimination tournament. Any team that plays the minimum number of required games, maintains and adequate team sportsmanship rating, and does not forfeit out of the league is eligible for postseason play. Teams will be scheduled for 1 game per week, based on the team availability, and will have options for playing additional games. Most of these activities are offered at two levels: (1) All-School (highly competitive) and (2) Recreational (just for fun). Championship t-shirts are awarded to the overall winners in both divisions. Typical leagues that are offered include: flag football, soccer, basketball, volleyball, floor hockey, softball, and broomball.

One Day Events/Tournaments are designed for someone who wants to participate, but maybe cannot commit to an intramural league. Many of these activities are offered at two levels, and championship t-shirts are awarded to the overall winners in both divisions. Typical one day events that are offered include: Kan Jam, Spikeball, badminton, 5k road races, basketball skills competitions, a home run derby, video game tournaments, table tennis, and a weightlifting meet.

The Special Events Program is offered as a direct alternative to drinking/partying. We offer several of these events late at night on the weekends throughout the school year. The tournaments generally begin at 8 p.m. and conclude at approximately 2 a.m., with free food and drinks provided throughout the evening. Championship t-shirts are also awarded to the tournament champions. Common sports offered are: volleyball, dodgeball, and broomball.

If you have questions about any of these programs, please contact the Recreational Sports Office at 607-753-5585. Thank you for visiting!