Logo Guide/Request

SUNY Cortland sport clubs that seek game day jerseys/uniforms or logos should familiarize themselves with the following guidelines.

  • The official name of the university is SUNY Cortland. A shortened Cortland is also acceptable. Cortland State or C-state are unofficial names and may not be used.
  • Off-brand (unofficial) Red Dragon imagery may not be used. The university offers a variety of Red Dragon illustrations and details.
  • The varsity athletics primary and secondary logos may not be used in any capacity.

Game day jerseys/uniforms

  • The word “club” is optional.
  • "SUNY Cortland" or "Cortland" must be present, unless the words "Red Dragon(s)" are used.
  • Acceptable colors include red, white and black (shades may be used). Requests to use alternate colors should be sent to Matt Nuesell, assistant director of recreational sports for intramural sports and sport clubs.
  • Before ordering, submit your concept to Matt Nuesell for approval.

Sport club logos

  • The Marketing Office does not provide custom logo creation or completion services. You can either select a design from the Sport Club Identity or create your own.
  • You may submit your own logo for approval to the Marketing Office. When creating your own logo, please note the following:
    • Font choices are at your discretion for the name of the sport club.
      • If “Red Dragons” is included, it must appear in an official university font.
    • Red Dragons illustrations and details as well as the university block C or two-toned C may be used but not distorted.
      • Items may be added to illustrations as appropriate.
    • The use of university colors (red, white, black) is preferred but not required.
    • The word “club” must be present if there is a varsity sports counterpart (e.g. Men’s Soccer).
    • SUNY Cortland or Cortland must be used. Note this requirement is waived if the logo is within the Sport Club Identity System.
  • You can request a prepared logo from the Sport Club Identity system available through the Marketing Office. The designs below can be quickly created with your club’s name. Please note not all options are listed here. Further variations may be requested through the form.

Sport club logo examples 1 through 7

Sport club logo examples 8 through 14