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Logo Guide/Request

Does your sport club need a logo? You can choose from prepared logo designs or submit your design for approval.
All logo requests need to be submitted from April 1 to June 1, 2022.

Request a logo using a prepared design

Request one of the prepared logo designs (below) that can be quickly modified with your club’s name.

Request a prepared logo

Sport club logo examples 1 through 7

Sport club logo examples 8 through 14

If you do not see a prepared logo that suits your club, you can note additional options in the request form.

Submit your pre-existing logo for approval

Logos not created by the Marketing Office must be submitted for review. If necessary, minor edits will be made to your club's logo in order to fit club brand standards.
Submit your pre-existing logo for approval

Once you submit your pre-existing logo for approval, a timeline will be determined based on your request.

When the designs are finalized, you will receive an email with the various file formats available for download. Then, start using your club’s logo on apparel, social media and other needs! Please review the usage guidelines below for best practices for using your logo.

    Using your sport club logo

    Please follow these best practices to ensure consistent use of your sport club’s new logo.

    Minimum size

    Make sure the logo remains in proportion (not stretched or distorted) when resizing. For legibility, the minimum recommended height is 1”.

    Clear space

    The logo shouldn’t be overwhelmed by other images or text. No other element should appear within a reasonable margin of the logo.


    Avoid modifying your logo in any way, including cropping, using elements separately, rotating or reversing, and adding graphic effects or filters. 

    Once received, the logo should not be edited. If you find you need a change to your logo (for example, your club’s name changes), please contact Tony DeRado, assistant director of creative services. Requests for edits should be kept to a minimum. 

    Sample logos

    Examples of other sport club logos.

    Examples of current sports club logos, Baseball, Danceworks, ESports and Golf.

    Examples of current sports club logos, Gymnastics, Men's Ice Hockey, Men's Rugby, Taekwondo, Women's Ice Hockey and Field Hockey.


    When ordering shirts, jerseys and other apparel, submit your concept to Matt Nuesell, assistant director of recreational sports for intramural sports and sport clubs, for approval before ordering. 

    Screen printing

    Your logo will be able to be reproduced on most apparel for your club.

    Please send the vector file (PDF or EPS)  to the printer in order for the logo to be reproduced properly.


    For embroidered hats, backpacks and other apparel or accessories, your club's full logo may not be able to be reproduced. In that case you will receive an embroidery logo, which is made up of text only to be able to be reproduced correctly for this medium.

    Please send the vector embroidery file (PDF or EPS) to the printer in order for the logo to be reproduced properly.

    Preferred vendor

    Graph-Tex, Inc.
    46 Elm St., Cortland, NY 13045

    Other vendors may be used with approval from Matt Nuesell.