Red Dragon Depot

Red Dragon Depot is the SUNY Cortland procurement website for processing purchases of purchase orders and for p-card orders through the existing catalogs. Our campus has been using this process since 2017. This has assisted the campus greatly in creating a streamlined paperless process.

Screenshot of Red Dragon Depot website homepage

The Red Dragon Depot system relies heavily on email notification to communicate issues regarding order approval notices, order rejection notices, etc.

To ensure you receive all the applicable emails, please do the following:

  • Note that all emails will come from
  • Add to your contacts or address book.
  • View your email SPAM folder to verify none of the Red Dragon Depot emails have inadvertently been delivered there.

    Central Stores

    In Red Dragon Depot, once you are ready to checkout, "Payment Form" must be PO, not Credit Card.

    Screenshot showing where to select "PO" as payment form in RDD

    Supplies should be ordered through your office's Administrative Assistant.

    Central Stores Moving Supplies for Campus Moves Request Form

    P-Card Orders

    Catalogs on Red Dragon Depot are:

    RDD Catalogs

    (Not all catalogs are assigned to all offices/departments.  Technology catalogs are for IR and Central Stores only, however, other catalogs can be requested if you do no currently have access, but feel they would be beneficial.)

    • Punch-out catalogs go to the website of the vendor where you shop to fill your cart and return the cart to the Red Dragon Depot site.
    • Other catalogs are hosted, referring to the catalog residing within Red Dragon Depot where users browse the catalog on Red Dragon Depot and fill a cart to create an order, but are not redirected to the vendor's website.

    Non-Catalog Orders (Purchase Orders)

    RDD Non-Catalog Items

    For items needing to be purchased via purchase order, the Non-Catalog Items link is used.


    • Approvals for purchase orders are built into the profile workflow of each Red Dragon Depot user.
    • Each user should email should the approver chain need to be updated.
      • Position turnover and Department Chair updates are the most common needs.
    • The approver reviews the order and then either approves the order for processing or rejects the order back to the requestor for further review.
    • The approver manual has step-by-step directions on this process.


    Once your order has been completed and you receive the goods or services, the order should be received in Red Dragon Depot.

    RDD Receiving

    • The receiving guide has step-by-step directions to complete the process.
    • Invoices should be emailed to once receiving is complete. 
      • Note: Please do not attach the invoices in Red Dragon Depot after completing the receiving step. There is no notification sent to Purchasing and Accounts Payable, so we will not know the invoices have been attached.
    • All orders can be reviewed through the Receive tab or by using the Order Summary.  The order summary manual has step-by-step directions on this process.

    Frequently Used Information

    User Manuals