Speaker Contracts


  1. If using State funds, the below contract template for speakers up to $24,999 must be used. 
    1. The contract has been pre-approved by SUNY's Office of General Counsel.  Once the speaker has signed, send the agreement to the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office for counter-signature, along with the appropriate insurance as indicated below.  The agreement must be reviewed and signed by both parties prior to the speaking engagement.  
      1. Any travel that will be reimbursed, must be included in the contract.

Speaker Services Agreement

    • These speaker contracts may be paid using State funds only when signed by an authorized signatory of the campus and meeting the criteria listed above.
    • Should the speaker request changes to the contract, please reach out to the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office at x2409.
    • Any speaker coming to campus whom we are paying is required to show proof of NYS Workers' Compensation Insurance using one of the following forms:
      • Proof of Workers’ Compensation Insurance
        • Form C-105.2 (9/07) if coverage is provided by the contractor’s insurance carrier, contractor must request its carrier to send this form to SUNY Cortland
      • Certificate of Exemption (Instructions for obtaining this certificate)
        • Form CE-200, Certificate of Attestation for New York entities with no employees and certain out of state entities, that New York State Workers’ Compensation and/or Disability Benefits Insurance coverage is not required which is available on the Workers’ Compensation Board’s website.  This individual can register online and complete this form to print instantly.  They will need to sign it prior to sending it to us.
    • The speaker should provide the campus with a W-9 form.  This is to ensure they are setup in the NYS Financial System to receive payments.
      • Social Security Number
        • If a speaker uses their social security number, their payment will be processed through the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office via a Standard Voucher (AC92).
      • Federal ID Number
        • If the speaker has a Federal ID number, the payment will be processed via a purchase order through the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office.  You will enter the purchase order in Red Dragon Depot as soon as you have the information for the event (quote, contract, etc.).  This will allow for quicker payments to the vendor as the PO will be complete prior to the date of the event.

Payment of Meal Costs

  1. Meal costs related to campus guests (i.e. speakers, candidates, artists, etc.) must be for no more than the campus guest plus two (2) University members.  Costs should be limited to the extent possible.
  2. Requests for payment of meal costs cannot include tax or alcohol and no more than 20% added for tip. (New York State does not consider alcoholic beverage costs an appropriate State expense.)
  3. For restaurants agreeing to direct bill, the responsible University member may sign for the bill and promptly forward the original itemized invoice along with a completed purchase requisition through Red Dragon Depot to the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office for direct vendor payment.  At the time reservations are made, check to see that direct billing will occur.
    • NOTE:  Each PO must contain the names of the campus guest, the University member(s), event flyer, the date of the meal, and an itemized statement from the appropriate restaurant.
  4. For restaurants not willing to bill the campus, the University member will make personal payment and forward the original itemized receipt along with a completed Standard Voucher through the proper channels for signatures and account coding to the Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office for reimbursement to the individual.
  5. Per Office of the State Comptroller (OSC) Bulletin G-78, the following criteria apply (in case of OSC disapproval, the liability may rest with the individual employee):
    1. The campus engagement which includes a necessary meal period must be of benefit to the University.
    2. The cost of the meal must be at the lowest reasonable and feasible amount.
    3. Only University employees essential to the campus engagement may incur meal expenses in addition to the campus guest.
    4. Alcoholic beverages cannot be included.
    5. A campus guest may not additionally receive reimbursement for the same meal through any standard voucher process.
    6. An itemized receipt (restaurant, etc.) is to be submitted as substantiating documentation.
  6. The allowable rates for campus guest-related meal expenses are as follows:

    • Breakfast: $13/person
    • Lunch: $18/person
    • Dinner: $35/person

The Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office is here to help.  Please email or call us at x 2409 with any questions.

This policy has been approved by President's Cabinet as of November 2022.

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