Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information

Purchasing and Accounts Payable Office

The Purchasing Office provides efficient and responsive service to the College in the procurement of goods and services reflecting the best interest and protection of the College, gaining the highest possible value within New York State laws and regulations.

The Purchasing Office is accountable for all procurement from State Operations, DIFR, IFR and Current Restricted Funds, which are subject to the N.Y.S. Finance Law, State Agency Regulations, Executive Branch Directives and State University Policy. Specifically: 

  • Perform N.Y.S. contract purchases, and open-market purchasing with vendor quote solicitation as necessary. 
  • Execute formal bidding as necessary. 
  • Review draft contracts to determine proper incorporation of standards, usual and required language, clauses, exhibits and appendices to ensure adequate protection to the institution, and to determine whether external technical or legal review is advisable. 
  • Coordinate N.Y.S. C.O.P.S. installment purchasing agreements. 
  • Act as principal contact with the Office of General Services, including technical investigations as appropriate. 
  • Administer the Citibank Visa Procurement Card (AEPC) program.
  • Coordinate MWBE, SDVOB and Preferred Source compliance. 
  • Coordinate commodity/equipment rental and lease/purchase agreements. 
  • Coordinate documentation flow, preparation and pre-audit to ensure full compliance with N.Y.S. statutes and regulations. 
  • Act as a resource center and primary authority of specifications and performance of goods acquired by the campus. 
  • Ensure successful operational interface with Accounts Payable, Facilities Planning, Accounting, Budgeting, and all campus offices, placing emphasis on budgetary control, accuracy and timeliness.