Leadership positions and opportunities are plentiful at SUNY Cortland through various offices, departments, clubs and organizations. The overviews below can help students identify the positions that best fit their goals and interests. 

The Learning Center:

Advisement and Transition Office:

  • COR 101 Teaching Assistant
  • Summer Orientation Assistant: Orientation Assistants (OAs) help new students adjust to life at SUNY Cortland during our summer Orientation program (June – July). During this time, OAs also develop leadership skills and build relationships with peers, faculty and staff while earning a $2000 stipend. As an OA, you lead small group discussions, answer questions, help with class registration, and coordinate activities. At the conclusion of the summer, Orientation Assistants often comment on a better understanding of themselves as well as the college. 
  • Transfer Buddy: A leadership opportunity for returning transfer students to help assist new transfer students with the transition to SUNY Cortland.  By volunteering students gain confidence, get involved, meet new people, participate in transfer student welcome events, and support new students.  It’s a great way for students to share advice about Cortland and encourage new students to get involved on campus.  

Residence Life and Housing:

  • Resident Assistant
  • Academic Peer Mentor

Student Government Association:

  • Executive Board Officer
  • Financial Board
  • Senator
  • Club Officer

Student Conduct Office:

  • Student Hearing Officer: Student Hearing Officers serve on either the Student Conduct Board (SCB) or the College Hearing Panel (CHP) to listen to and review evidence on cases presented to decide whether or not a student is in violation of the Student Code of Conduct. In addition to the experience, students may be eligible to receive one credit for their participation. Student Hearing Officers have monthly training sessions and participate in 3-4 hearings per semester.