Fraternities and Sororities

Fraternities and sororities are recognized by SUNY Cortland through the Campus Activities and Corey Union Office. Recognition allows chapters to have a relationship with the university along with active membership and involvement in the Greek system and its governing boards. In order to be recognized by SUNY Cortland, all fraternal organizations must be associated with a National fraternal organization.

Congratulations to all of our graduating brothers and sisters!

June 1, 2020:  Delta Phi Epsilon suspension lifted

April 16, 2020:  Congratulations to the following award recipients:
     Outstanding Student Leader:  Kyanna Alfred (MSU), Arianna Carlson (APhi), Megan D'Angelo (Nu Sig),
     Madison Garcia (Nu Sig), Sara Howard (Nu Sig), Isabella Lardaro (SDT), Hara McCandless (ASA), Carly      
     Mendelson (ASA), Nathalia Melo (SIA), and Mikaela Scibelli (SDT)
     Excellence in Leadership:  Kyanna Alfred (MSU) and Sara Howard (Nu Sig)

April 6, 2020: Delta Phi Epsilon suspended for not following New York State on PAUSE guidelines.

March 24, 2020:  Please click on the Updated Fraternity and Sorority Operations document for the revisions that have taken place now that it is known that remote learning will continue all semester.

March 13, 2020: Please click the Fraternity and Sorority Operations document for updated pandemic related information.

Feb. 29, 2020:  Congratulations to the brothers of Alpha Phi Delta Fraternity for officially becoming a chapter and receiving their charter today!

Feb. 22, 2020:  Looking to bring a new National Greek organization to campus?  Check out the Fraternity and/or Sorority Expansion brochure for more information.  There are no guarantees that every attempt will be successful but you never know unless you try.

August 2019:  Student Code of Conduct now contains consequences for those individuals choosing to join any unrecognized student group AND for members of those groups who promote membership/recruit new members.

College Eligibility Requirements for Joining: 
     1.  Must be a full-time student enrolled at SUNY Cortland;
     2.  Cannot be on either Academic Probation or Academic Warning;
     3.  Cannot be a first semester, first year student:
     4.  Must have successfully completed the necessary number of credit hours (12 for continuing students and 24 post-high school credit hours for incoming transfer students). The 12 credit hours for continuing students must have been completed at SUNY Cortland.
     5.  Must have the necessary cumulative GPA (Minimum required by each organization for continuing students and 2.5 for incoming transfer students). Specifics for each organization are provided in the most current Greek Life Brochure. Incoming transfer students must provide a copy of their transcript(s) to the Campus Activities Office for verification (unofficial copies are accepted).  Academic eligibility is reviewed by the College's Associate Director for Campus Activities and Greek Affairs.

Recognized Organizations

Social Sororities (NPC for all but Nu Sigma Chi):

Social Fraternities

NALFO Groups:                                                       

NPHC Groups:



Co-Educational Service Fraternity:

Keep in mind:  Any student(s) interested in bringing an additional Greek organization to campus needs to speak with the College's Associate Director for Campus Activities and Greek Affairs, Sandra Wohlleber. 

SUNY Cortland Greek Multicultural Council (GMC)

SUNY Cortland Interfraternity Council (IFC)   

SUNY Cortland Panhellenic Council (Panhel)

Unrecognized and Banned Groups

There are groups of students illegally using Greek letters, calling themselves members of a National fraternity and misleading students to "join" under false pretenses.. The real chapters were removed from campus, removed from their National for repeated violations of College and National policies  These groups are not actual fraternities and have no College oversight.  Students should not put themselves at risk by "joining" them as they would be in violation of the College's Student Code of Conduct.  These groups are using the names:   

  • Delta Chi (DChi); Any legitimate members remaining should graduate in May 2020
  • Kappa Sigma (Kappa Sig, KSig); Any legitimate members remaining should graduate by May 2021
  • Omega Delta Phi (Omega, ODPhi); All legitimate members graduated in early 2000's
  • Pi Kappa Phi (Pi Kapp); All legitimate members graduated at least 3 years ago
  • Tau Kappa Epsilon (Teke or TKE); All legitimate members graduated in the 1990's

Banned groups are local fraternities Beta Phi Epsilon (Beta) and Delta Kappa Beta (Kappa). Joining or associating with either of these two local fraternities could result in suspension or expulsion from the College.

For more information regarding fraternity/sorority life see the most recent Greek Life brochure and Greek Life brochure insert - January 2020 or contact Sandra Wohlleber, Associate Director, Campus Activities and Greek Affairs. 607-753-5574 or

2019-2020 CALS Lecture Grant Parameters Pending are updates for 2020-2021
2020-2021 CALS Lecture Grant Application -- Word  Pending   
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Greek Life Brochure  and Insert

Room Reservation Request Form

Fundraising Request Form

Fraternity/Sorority Expansion Brochure

Greek Honors Applications for 2020 - 2021 Pending   Word   PDF

President's Report

Late Night Event Form

Greek Programming in Residence Halls - Procedure

Recognition Policies

SUNY Cortland Chapter Advisor Guidelines

2019 - 2020 Continued Recognition Application  Word  PDF

Recruitment Counselor Application for Spring 2021 -- Pending

2019 - 2020 Midyear Report Form  Word  PDF

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Fall 2020 Recruitment Schedule -- Pending
     Fraternities:  Alpha Phi Delta &
          Theta Chi
     Sororities:  Alpha Phi, ASA, DPhiE,
          Nu Sig, SDT
     Alpha Phi Omega

Transfer Students - Procedure to get transcripts

Fall 2020 NPC Recruitment Rules

Spring 2021 Recruitment Schedules -- Pending
     Fraternities -- Alpha Phi Delta &
          Theta Chi
     NPC Sororities:  Alpha Phi, ASA,
          DPhiE, SDT
     Nu Sigma Chi
     Alpha Phi Omega

Spring 2021 NPC Sorority Recruitment Brochure - Pending

Spring 2021 Panhellenic Recruitment Rules - Pending