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Student Leadership Awards

Each spring, the College hosts the Annual Student Leadership Banquet to recognize student leaders for their outstanding service and commitment to the campus and community.  Faculty, staff, students, and community members are encouraged to nominate deserving students.  Nominations are due March 16, 2022. There are five award nomination categories:

 Outstanding Student Leader

 Leadership in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

 Leadership in LGBTQAIP Advocacy

 Excellence in Leadership

 Outstanding Senior

The 37th Annual Student Leadership Recognition Banquet held Thursday, April 21, 2022 honored 44 students who played integral leadership roles on campus.  One student organization, one faculty member, and one staff member were also recognized for their contributions.

Outstanding Student Leaders
 Hailie Addison
Adam Aldrich
Melissa Alvisi
Brady Andrews
Sherron Brown
Lawrence Bruce
Alayna Camisa
Kayla Campana
Annalee Chau
Diya Digvijay Singh
Francesca Frasco
Adriana Garcia
C'Ality Hackett
Allison Hall
Taylor Hunter
Kaila Jimenez
Miranda Kistner
Emily Kromer
Alyssa LaBelle
Adam Lamont
Vanelys Malave
Victoria Malbone
Christian Mangerian
Rahsean Melvin
Anna Mooers
Lauren Murphy
Anthony Pellegrino
Liliana Pelliccia
Claire Perini
Sara Phillips
Tatum Pittman
Daniel Reischer
Giovanna Rossi
Melissa Safford
Kayla Sewer
Carly Smith
Daria Stacy
Jason Tran
Gabriella Vogt
Jenna Watson
Mark Weidman
Olivia Wilburn
Sophia Zheng
Leadership in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
Sherron Brown
Leadership in LGBTQAIP Advocacy
Lawrence Bruce
Excellence in Leadership
Melissa Alvisi
Sherron Brown
C’Ality Hackett
Daniel Reischer
Jason Tran
Outstanding Senior
Melissa Alvisi
SGA Awards
Outstanding Club Member – C’Ality Hackett, BSU
Outstanding Senator – Rose Mostafa
Outstanding Club – Know Your Roots
Outstanding Staff Member – Kelly Smith, SGA
Steven J. Barnes Outstanding Faculty Member – Dr. Seth Asumah, Africana Studies and Political Science Departments
The student awardees were invited to share the name of a faculty/staff person who has been influential to them.
Thank you to the dedicated folks identified below.
 Anne Burns Thomas
Cheryl Smith
Gregory Diller
Helene Schmid
Jason Brummer
John Leffel
John Suarez
Judy Stoddard
Katherine Bonafide
Kayla Spangenberg
Laura Eierman
Lin Lin
Lorraine Lopez-Janove
Mary Kate Morris
Matt Nuesell
Michael Tillotson
Nance Wilson
Richard Filighera
Steven Broyles
Taylor Lynch
Thomas Spanbauer
Thank you to everyone who took the time to nominate the awardees above.
Congratulations to all of the award recipients!