Swim Lessons

The Student Life Center now offers swim lessons to students, faculty, staff, and their children! Our instructors are experienced and certified lifeguards. If you are interested in taking swim lessons at the Student Life Center, please fill out the interest form below to be assigned to an instructor prior to purchasing a package of lessons.

The first lesson is free for children 5 and under (excluding group lessons)!

We cannot guarantee that you will be able to schedule swim lessons as it is based off of instructor availability.

Swim Lessons can only be scheduled during pre-existing pool hours at the Student Life Center pool.

Free Water Safety Class

We offer a free water safety class.  This page will be updated when the next class is announced. 

Group Swim Lessons

This semester we will be offering a session of group lessons for level 1 and 2 swimmers. The sessions will take place over 6 weeks (starting Sept. 2), and occur every Saturday during the afternoon pool shift in the Student Life Center pool. We have two instructors, Sarah and Alexis, who will be co-teaching all six sessions. 

  • Level 1 Swimmer is a beginner with little to no experience. Some of the skills they will be working on are putting their face and head under water, floating, and gliding on their front and back. 
  • Level 2 Swimmer is able to submerge their head, blow bubbles, float, and swim with a little assistance. They will be working on learning/ refining strokes, swimming without floatation devices and more advanced survival techniques. 

If you are interested in enrolling your child in group lessons, please fill out the interest form and indicate which level you think they would fit best in and we will add you to the roster if there are spots remaining. We can only accommodate 8 children in each level for a total of 16 and spots will be first come first serve. We will have a waiting list in the event a spot becomes available. A minimum of 4 students must enroll for the class to run. 

Please note: Purchasing a session of group lessons on the website will not put you on the roster, you must receive a confirmation email before purchasing the group lesson package.

Each six week session is $75.

One on One

1 Hour Lesson

  • Single: $25
  • 6 Pack: $144
  • 12 Pack: $285

30 Minute Lesson

  • Single: $14
  • 6 Pack: $81
  • 12 Pack: $159

Partner Lessons

(Both participants must purchase)

1 Hour Lesson

  • Single: $15
  • 6 Pack: $87
  • 12 Pack: $168

Swim Lessons Interest Form

Complete this form before purchasing.

Swim Lessons Interest Form




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Please do not purchase lessons until you have been matched with an instructor.

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