Note-taking Technology

SUNY Cortland offers a variety of technologies that help students process information in the classroom, take notes, and study from them later. These tools may be useful for students who have difficulty with attention, processing speed, or handwriting. Students may request accommodations and training associated with the below.


Microsoft OneNote

As a Microsoft campus, every student at SUNY Cortland has access to the learning and accessibility tools in Microsoft 365. In OneNote, students can keep all of their notes and research organized in online notebooks accessible from any device. Students can type notes in class and audio record at the same time. Students can add slides to their notebook and write or type on or next to the slides. They also may take photos of the board or documents and add to their notebook for annotation.


A student with an iPad can use Notability to handwrite notes with a stylus. One may also synchronize notes with an audio recording. Anyone with a email address can access all of the Notability Plus features for no cost by following these instructions within the app:

  1. Go to Notability Settings at the gear icon in the top left and select Manage Accounts.
  2. Tap "Log In" next to Notability and switch from signing in to creating an account.
  3. Use your email address and verify your account with the email sent to you.


    Livescribe Pens

    Students who prefer to take notes with pen and paper can borrow a Livescribe pen each semester. These pens allow students to audio record and hand write notes in a paper notebook. The notes are synchronized with an audio recording so students can tap on a note later and hear what was recorded in the classroom at the moment they took the note.

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