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We value the expertise that faculty bring to the work of creating and maintaining an accessible and inclusive college community. We are happy to partner with you in helping determine the best way to provide equal access to all students in your courses. 

Access Plans

Students are responsible for releasing access plans to professors. Faculty may log into the AccessCortland Faculty Portal to view course rosters and all access plans released by your students. This faculty video tutorial demonstrates how to do this. Students may release their access plans at any time, but it is fair for faculty to require advance notice to administer an accommodation.

The Disability Resources Office assigns accommodations as one way to facilitate equal access to your course. They are not intended to ensure student success or lower standards or expectations. They also should not fundamentally alter an essential requirement of an academic program.

Concerns or Questions

If you have concerns or questions about an accommodation, please contact the Disability Resources Office directly. Some accommodations may not apply because of the design of your course. For example, a course without timed exams has no need for an extended time accommodation. But faculty may not deny a relevant accommodation on their own. If an accommodation may fundamentally alter the course, Disability Resources wants to discuss it and possible alternative ways of facilitating equal access.

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