Minimum Placement Expectations

Minimum Placement Expectations for Student Teachers


A.  Report each morning, on time or earlier prepared to teach with a lesson plan that has been previously approved by your host teacher. If you do not have an acceptable lesson plan for each of your classes the host teacher will not allow you to teach that day.  

B.  Stay entire day, following your mentor’s schedule.

C.  Leave in afternoon, at appointed time or later.

D.  Attend school functions (even if at night or on weekends).

E.   Assist mentor teacher enthusiastically.

F.   Adhere to expectations of mentor and supervisor.

G.  Seek and respond appropriately to constructive feedback from both mentors in the field. You will be evaluated at mid-quarter and at the end of each placement by both your host and supervising teachers.

H.  Get involved with students and school community.

I.    Expect and deserve to be treated as a professional.

J.   Keep supervisor informed of any difficulties or problems that may arise during the placement.

The First Day of Student Teaching

It is imperative that you report to the office of the building principal on the first day of each assignment.  This is to be done even if you have made a previous school visit.  Please inquire about sign in procedure and identification badges.

File with each school nurse your completed Emergency Medical Form which includes names, addresses, and phone numbers of at least two persons to contact in case of your sudden illness/emergency and which also gives you the opportunity to provide a list of known allergies and medical conditions.

Become familiar with the building and emergency procedures.  Learn the general policies by which the faculty operates.

Mail the First Day Sheet and Emergency Medical Form to the Field Placement Office at the beginning of the semester (refer to Student Teaching Handbook).

Inform your program coordinator immediately of any apparent policy violation; inform your assigned supervisor of any policy violation during student teaching.