Additional Registration Instructions for M.A.T. and M.S.Ed. Students

Because the enrollment in our graduate courses is limited to fifteen students, and seats are available on a first come-first served basis, students should register for courses as soon as possible after receiving an active time ticket.  M.S.Ed. students must register for the 001 sections of ENG 504 and AED 668. 

Before M.A.T. students commit to the fieldwork courses, you must make sure that you will have sufficient time available during the middle school/high school day (generally 8 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.) to accumulate fifty hours of participation and/or observation.  For AED 669, in particular, you must be able to visit your assigned placement at least twice, and preferably three times, a week.  To ensure that placements can be made in a timely fashion, please register for coursework as soon as possible after being admitted into the program and, in subsequent semesters, at the earliest opportunity during the regular registration period (generally in November for Spring courses, and the end of March or beginning of April for Fall courses).  For fall enrollment in ENG 504 Seminar in the Composing Process: Rhetoric and Analysis and ENG 505 Participant-Observer Experience: Composing Process (50 hour field experience), you should do the following: 


  1.  Agree with your advisor on an appropriate class schedule.  Note that for MAT students, ENG 504 and ENG 505 are co-requisite courses (they must be taken at the same time).  AED 541 Teaching Literature and Critical Literacy should be taken at the same time as ENG 504 and ENG 505, or in unusual circumstance AED 541 might have been taken prior to ENG 504 and ENG 505. 
  2.  Visit the Field Studies Office (Room 1105 Education Building) to fill out a data sheet indicating your availability and preferences for field placement.  Failure to notify the Field Studies Office of subsequent changes in your location may result in significant delays in receiving a placement.  After you have completed the information sheet, the Field Studies Office will give you a dated, initialed copy.
  3.  Show the dated, initialed form from the Field Studies Office to Karen Knapp or Priscilla Harvey (secretaries in the English Department) who will then “lift the flag” that will enable you to register for both ENG 504 and ENG 505.
  4.  You will not be registered for your courses until you complete WEB registration.  M.A.T. students must register for the 601 (majors only sections) of ENG 504 and AED 668. 

For spring enrollment, MAT students register for both AED 668 Language Development in Adolescents and AED 669 Participant-Observer Experience: Language Development, following the steps outlined above except that students must have completed AED 541 prior to registering for AED 668 and AED 669, and they must have maintained their 3.0 GPA.