Applying to the Program

The professional portion of the major begins in the Junior year of study.  Students will be coded as AEN-W until they have achieved a 2.75 overall grade point average or better at Cortland and are ready to begin junior year, at which point they need to apply to the Coordinator of Adolescence Education: English (7-12) for candidacy. Transfer students will retain the AEN-W coding until they have successfully completed CPN 101, ENG 290, three of the four survey courses (ENG 325, 326, 355, 356), PSY 101, three of their four semesters of foreign language, and seven out of 10 SUNY General Education requirements. Because the AEN code is required before students will be admitted into the junior year courses with attached fieldwork, transfer students coming in with junior status who have not completed the above requirements will begin AED courses in the fall semester of their senior year, and must student teach in the fall semester thereafter for a December degree.