Adolescence English Education Programs Professional Dispositions Policy

(1) Students in the AEN program will be introduced to and held accountable for the Dispositions in all courses with an AED prefix.

(2) Syllabi for AED courses should have a dispositions statement which exists as a contract for that class.  Statement to follow the Academic Integrity statement:

Professional Dispositions Statement

One goal of this course is to provide opportunities for continuous positive growth toward strong teaching skills and dispositions as reflected in the Assessment of Candidate’s Professional Dispositions.  Positive teaching dispositions are a basic requirement for successful completion of the AEN program.  In the event of problematic demonstration of teaching disposition, incidents will be documented and the departmental and Teacher Education Council Fair Practice Policy and Procedures for action will be followed.

(3) Concerned faculty member(s) must meet with student, record the first annotation on Candidate Consultation Report form and gain signature during the meeting.  In the event that a student refuses to sign the form, faculty should note that fact on the form before the form is forwarded to the Program Coordinator.

(4)  The Program Coordinator will periodically review students’ files to note multiple cases reported for one student and/or non-resolution of requested correction. Near the end of the semester, the faculty member(s) should provide a second annotation on the Candidate Consultation Report indicating whether the problem has been resolved or whether there has been failure to resolve the problem.

(5) Three weeks before the end of the semester, the AEN faculty will review the status of all students with actions. As indicated, the committee will determine whether to advance the student (with a contract) or to follow procedure for dismissal from the program.

(6) Egregious breach of deportment/dispositions may result in dismissal from the program at any time, as determined by AEN faculty and/or Program Coordinator.

(7) Student teacher supervisors will be notified of contracts concerning students placed for student teaching in order to address and support dispositional aspects of professional performance. When necessary, supervisors will be asked to participate in final review of particular students.



In addition to being accessed by your professors, when you apply for admission to the program, you are expected to self-disclose any infractions of college policy or criminal convictions.  You are also, however, expected to self-disclose any subsequent violations.  Failure to self-disclose may result in dismissal from the program.      


AEN Program Assessment of Candidate’s Professional Dispositions

At SUNY Cortland, teacher education is framed by a central commitment to liberal learning that comprises the themes of personal responsibility, social justice and global understanding. Teacher candidates are expected to develop and demonstrate the dispositions identified in professional, state, and institutional standards. Note:  the default assessment is S = Satisfactory.  Only those dispositions found to be lacking will be noted with a U = Unsatisfactory.

Teaching Dispositions




Faculty Initial

Demonstrates content knowledge (masterful, innovative)




Is competent in arts/sciences (literate, articulate, well-read)




Sees students as capable learners (encouraging, supportive)




Maintains high standards (challenging, investigative, curious)




Is fair (responsible, socially just)




Creates safe and nurturing classroom (supportive, aware)




Uses technology effectively (creative, innovative)




Meets varied learning styles (flexible, inclusive)




Respects diversity (accepting, inclusive, equitable)




Is reflective (thoughtful, resourceful, self-aware)




Uses assessment effectively (thorough, objective)




Communicates effectively (articulate, persuasive, respectful)




Integrates curriculum




Professional Dispositions




Conveys appropriate attitude to learning (participates, is enthusiastic, analytical)




Is punctual




Demonstrates commitment (dedicated, persevering, tenacious)




Collaborates (sensitive, open minded, gracious)




Is respectful (shows due regard, is polite, considerate)




Is receptive to feedback (proactive)




Is focused and organized




Pays attention to appearance (clean, groomed, appropriate)




Is honest (moral, ethical, honorable)




Demonstrates integrity (trustworthy, resolute, self-advocating)




Is caring (empathetic, supportive)




Demonstrates strong work ethic (accepts challenges)




Is responsible (reliable, deliberative)




Is accountable (takes ownership, dependable)





Candidate name:__________________________________________________________________________________

Candidate’s signature of understanding:_______________________________________________________________ Date:________________________

                                                SUNY Cortland

                                                  Candidate Consultation Report


Candidate Name: _______________________________________________Date:_____________________


Other Participants:_______________________________________________Time:____________________                                   

                           (Print Name & Title)                         

                                  _______________________________________ Place:_________________

                             (Print Name & Title)                                                        


                             (Print Name & Title)                                            

Major Code:____________        Cortland ID Number:_______________          


Reason for Consultation:






Actions to Be Taken By Participants, with specified conditions, consequences, and timeline.





                        Additional documentation may be attached.


[X] I have read the reason(s) for consultation and the action(s) expected from              

each participant, including myself. This statement must always be checked.           

[   ]  I understand and agree with all the actions to be taken as described above.

[   ] I understand and agree with the actions to be taken as described above,

except as circled or otherwise identified above. The actions of other

participants are unaffected by candidate exceptions or (dis)agreement.

Candidate Signature:______________________________________             Date:___________

Other Signature:____________________________________________                      Date:__________

Other Signature:___________________________________________                        Date:___________

Other Signature:___________________________________________                        Date:___________

Original to Department Chair: teacher education program student file, faculty participants in candidate consultation, student, and Associate Deans    

Approved by TEC  12/02/04; Minor revision: 5/8/06