M.S.E.D in Adolescence Education, English 7-12 (AEN)

This program leads to the Master of Science in Education degree and is designed for individuals who hold a provisional teaching certificate and are seeking a professional certificate in Adolescence Education: English 7-12. The M.S.Ed. program provides:

  • the pedagogical coursework necessary for the professional certificate
  • the opportunity for advanced study in English and the language arts
  • the master’s degree necessary for permanent certification

A minimum of 30 credit hours of approved graduate study, including a minimum of nine credits at the 600-level, is required.  On each line provided, record the date of completion of the course.

Required Pedagogical Core: 16 hours

  ENG 504: Seminar in the Composing Process (3 cr.)

  SPE 520:  Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms (3 cr.)

  AED 541: Teaching Literature and Critical Literacy (3 cr.)

  AED 668: Language Development in Adolescents (3 cr.)

  AED 663: Seminar in Research in the Teaching of English (3 cr.)

  AED 678:  MSEd Final Project (1 cr.)

Students who have completed the BA_AEN program at SUNY - Cortland or who have completed equivalent coursework elsewhere may take alternative courses for AED 541, ENG 504 and AED 668.  Determinations of equivalency will be made by Cortland faculty and are permitted only when students have earned grades of B+ or better in the undergraduate equivalents of Cortland’s AEN pedagogy sequence (i.e., AEd 308,308, 341, 408, 409, and 441.  Note: To qualify for a waiver of AED 541, two undergraduate courses in the methods of teaching English must have been completed. 

Course Substitutions

Students who have been waived from AED 541 may select one of the following courses instead: 

  • EDU 524 Democracy and Social Education
  • FSA 525/AAS 581 Teaching the Inner City Child
  • EDU 531 Developing Creative Elementary School Experiences (Note: This course is a treatment of gifted and talented students at the middle school age.)
  • EDU 552 Gender Issues in Education
  • EDU 570 Character Education
  • LIT 549 Literacy in the Middle and Secondary School
  • LIT 550 Current Issues in Assessment 5-12
  • LIT 630 Literacy and Society
  • SPE 510 Teaching the Special Education Learner in the General Education Classroom

Students who have been waived from ENG 504 should select a writing course offered by the English department or ENG 602 Rhetorical Tradition: Connecting Reading and Writing.

Students who have been waived from AED 668 should select from the following list of courses: 

  • ENG 600 Advanced Grammar and Usage
  • ENG 601 History of the English Language
  • ICC 620 Materials and Techniques for Teachers of English as a Second. . .                                                      
  • ICC 622 Theory and Practice of Bilingual/Multicultural Education
  • ICC 623 Second Language Acquisition:  Theory and Research
  • ICC 624 Methods of Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
  • ICC 627 Teaching Reading in the Second Language Content 

Required Content Core: 12 credits of ENG graduate courses

Students are required to take a minimum of four courses in literature and/or rhetoric. To establish breadth and depth across the discipline and to meet CAEP requirements, appropriate courses will be chosen in consultation with the MSEd Coordinator.

Elective Courses: 6 credits 

Six additional elective courses chosen in consultation with the MSEd Coordinator  from graduate courses with an ENG prefix or from the following list:  EDU 524, FSA 525/AAS 581, EDU 531, EDU 552, EDU 570, LIT 549, LIT 550, LIT 630, SPE 510, ICC 620, ICC 622, ICC 623, ICC 624, ICC 627. 

Total credit hours for program:  31

Students who desire middle school extension certification must complete EDU 533: Introduction to Middle Childhood Education and PSY 533: Advanced Developmental Psychology. Students with the extension are required to fulfill a minimum of 36 hours of graduate study.

____________ Foreign Language Requirement (one year of college-level study)

____________ Electronic Teaching Portfolio (created in AED 678)