M.A.T. in Adolescence Education

M.A.T. in Adolescence Education, English 7-12 (AEN)

The Master of Arts in Teaching degree is designed for individuals who have completed a baccalaureate degree and are seeking a teaching certificate in Adolescence Education: English 7-12. It is not open to students who already have initial certification in secondary English. The program provides:

  • the pedagogical coursework, practica, and student teaching experiences necessary for the initial certificate that qualifies individuals to teach in the public schools in New York State
  • the opportunity for advanced study in English and the language arts
  • the master’s degree necessary for the professional certificate in Adolescence Education: English 7-12

A minimum of 46-49 credit hours of approved graduate work is required. A minimum of nine credit hours must be taken in courses at the 600 level.  For each category below, record the date of completion of the course OR enter the undergraduate equivalent:

Required Pedagogical Core: 34 credit hours

ENG 504, ENG 505, AED 541, AED 668 and AED 669 must be completed before student teaching. 

_______________      ENG 504: Seminar in the Composing Process: (3 cr.)

_______________      EDU 505: Participant Observation Experience: Composing Process (50 hrs. of fieldwork) (3 cr.)

_______________      SPE 520 Teaching in Inclusive Classrooms (taken with 504/5, 3 cr.)

_______________      AED 541: Teaching Literature and Critical Literacy, (3 cr.)

_______________      AED 668: Language Development in Adolescents (3 cr.)

_______________      AED 669: Participant-Observer Experience: Language Development (50 hrs. of fieldwork) (3 cr.)

_______________      AED 663: Seminar in Research in the Teaching of English (3 cr.)

_______________      EDU 671:  Issues in Foundations of Education, (3 cr.)

_______________      AED 576: Practicum I: Student Teaching in the Middle School, (6 cr.)

_______________      AED 577: Practicum II: Student Teaching in the Secondary School, (6 cr.)

_______________      AED 578:  Master’s Project and Teaching Colloquia (1 cr.)

One of the following health courses:

_______________      HLH 110: Personal and Community Health (3 cr.)

_______________      HLH 199: Critical Health Issues (2 cr.)

_______________      HLH 510: Proseminar in Health Foundations (3 cr.)

_______________      Child Abuse Workshop (0 cr.)


_______________      Preventing School Violence Workshop (0 cr.)

Required Content Core: 9 credits

Students are required to take a minimum of three (3) courses in literature and/or rhetoric. These courses are selected in consultation with the Coordinator of Adolescence Education—English. Course selection is intended to increase knowledge of literature and to meet the content distribution required for a teacher of secondary English.  Course selection must be made carefully to ensure that at either the undergraduate or graduate level, courses from each of the following six (6) content categories have been completed. 

NOTE:  This list reflects a “minimum” number of “Content Core” courses required for a graduate degree in AEN, but the required courses in this area will vary from student to student, depending, mainly, upon previous coursework in the areas listed below.  Some discrepancy, therefore, may exist between courses shown as required on students’ CAPP reports and the actual number of courses that they are required to take in order to earn their degree.   Therefore students should arrange to set up a “Transcript Evaluation” meeting with the Program Coordinator during their first semester in the program in order to determine an accurate sense of the number and nature of courses that will be required to take to fulfill degree requirements. 

(1) One course in American Literature with emphasis on women authors and authors of color

_______________      ENG 615: Studies in American Literature to 1900 (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 616: Studies in American Literature 1900 to 1950 (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 617: Studies in American Literature since 1950 (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 622: Seminar in American Women Writers (3 cr.)

(2) One course in Literature before 1800

_______________      ENG 500: Old English (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 530: Chaucer (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 538: Studies in 17th-Century English Literature (3 cr. )

_______________      ENG 539: Milton (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 632: Middle English Literature (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 636: Seminar in Shakespeare (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 640: Studies in English Literature 1660-1800 (3 cr.)

(3) One course in British and/or Irish Literature

_______________      ENG 500: Old English (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 530: Chaucer (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 538: Studies in 17th-Century English Literature (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 539: Milton (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 547: 19th-Century British Women Writers (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 548: Studies in British Literature 1950-Present

_______________      ENG 549: Studies in Irish Literature (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 632: Middle English Literature (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 636: Seminar in Shakespeare (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 640: Studies in English Literature 1660-1800 (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 645: Studies in the Romantic Era (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 646: Studies in the Victorian Era (3 cr.)

 _______________     ENG 677: Studies in Contemporary British Literature (3 cr.)

(4) One course in World Literature with emphasis on women authors and authors of color

_______________      ENG 618: Global Multicultural Literature (3 cr.)

_______________      ENG 678: World Drama (3 cr.)

(5) One course in Literature for Young Adults with emphasis on women authors and authors of color

_______________      ENG 619: Seminar in Literature for Adolescents (3 crs.)

(6) One course in technology

_______________      ENG 506: Computers and the Study of English (3 crs.)

Students who have met the content distribution may select additional courses from the following electives or others (check with Program Coordinator):

ENG 529, 629:  Special Topics (3 cr.)

ENG 601: History of the English Language (3 cr.)

ENG 602: Rhetorical Tradition: Connecting Reading and Writing (3 cr.)

ENG 699: Independent Study (3 cr.)

__________________ Foreign Language Requirement (one year of college-level study) 

_______________Electronic Teaching Portfolio

Total Credit Hours for Program: 46-49 

List three completed 600-level courses:       Give completion dates for 3 required NYS exams:**

_____________________________          LAST: ________________________

_____________________________          ATS-W: _______________________

_____________________________          CST: __________________________

**N.B. NYSED teacher certification exams are undergoing changes. After April, 2014, (that is, for anyone reading this handbook who will graduate in and after May, 2014) testing requirements will reflect new emphases on teaching special needs children/adolescents and English Language Learners (ELL’s). Four exams will replace the current three listed above. 

Middle school extension:  Students who desire middle school extension certification must complete EDU 533: Introduction to Middle Childhood Education and PSY 533: Advanced Developmental Psychology. These students are required to fulfill a minimum of 55-56 hours.

State Requirements

Candidates for a New York State teaching certificate must achieve passing scores on appropriate tests in the New York State Teacher Certification Examinations Program.  AEN students are required to take the Liberal Arts and Science Test (LAST), the Content Specialty Test (CST) in English, and the Assessment of Teaching Skills-Written Test (ATS-W).  We encourage students to take these tests as soon as they have completed most of their coursework and just prior to student teaching.  For more information on taking these tests, contact Career Services 607-753-4715.

N.B. Please see asterisked note just above RE: Changes in Teacher Certification Exams

In addition to college and program requirements, the State of New York also has several requirements which candidates must fulfill before they will receive their initial certification to teach.  The CAR and SAVE workshops are listed under the program requirements.  All students seeking teaching certification must complete these requirements prior to graduation, but preferably before student teaching.  Workshop dates may be accessed from the Center for Educational Exchange at www.cortland.edu/cee or by calling 607-753-4704 or 753-4214.

All candidates, certified and non-certified, who wish to work in schools in New York state are also subject to fingerprinting regulations and background checks prior to employment (see next page).  Fingerprinting packets can be obtained at Career Services office at Van Hoesen, Room B-5.

A student who receives a field placement in a school district that requires fingerprinting will be expected to complete a fingerprinting application 72 hours prior to beginning their field placement (if they have not previously done so).  Digital fingerprinting is now available at the Office of Career Services; contact Career Services at 607-753-4715 to set up a fingerprinting appointment to complete the application.

Failure of adherence to this requirement will result in cancellation of your placement.

Application for Teacher Certification through NY State Education Department (NYSED)

All applications are now electronic, through the TEACH system.  At any point in your academic career, you may set up a “TEACH” account for eventual certification. This online application is the only way to apply through NYSED.  Cortland teacher education majors can find a “TEACH” link through their Banner accounts which leads to a helpful interface for navigating an unwieldy system.

Be sure to submit the permission for SUNY Cortland to send records to NYSED.  For more information, see the State Education Department.