Housing Preference Form Screen Shots

Access The Housing Director

All housing processes will take place from The Housing Director page. To access anything housing-related, complete the following steps:

  • Log in to your myRedDragon.
  • Select the “Student” tab.
  • Under Residence Life and Housing select “Housing Process and Information.”

Fill Out Your RSP Form 

  • Select Forms.
  • Choose "New Student Preference Form".
  • Read and sign the Room and Board License.
    • Complete page one: roommate matching questionnaire and housing questions; once done, click Continue.
    • Complete page two: living area preferences; once done, click Continue.
  • Review the confirmation page.

The main page of The Housing Director


Step 1: Access the Preference Form - View and sign the Room and Board License



Step 2: Answer the questionnaire (roommate matching questions, preferences and other information; sample below, actual form may look different).


Step 3: Rank your living area preferences.



Step 4: Receive your confirmation page; you may now revisit your form until the posted deadline.