Campus Unit Name Guidelines

General best practices


When considering a new or revised name, use the shortest option possible. Lengthy names may not display well on webpages, social media and signage. Longer names have more margin for error.


Acronyms and abbreviations should be avoided as they lack clarity, may have associations outside SUNY Cortland and can produce an informal tone. Prospective or current students and their families, faculty, staff, alumni and donors should never have to decode internal jargon.


Naming conventions and writing style

Offices and departments

"Department" generally refers to academic units, while "office" refers to administrative units.

Offices and departments should have the area name first.

Admissions Office, Human Resources Office
English Department, Childhood/Early Childhood Education Department

Some campus units do not include the word "office" in their names. See the Writing Style Guide for the list of exceptions.

Divisions and schools

Divisions house related administrative offices while academic departments are grouped in schools.

For these larger units, "division" or "school" should be listed first, followed by "of."


  • Division of Academic Affairs
  • Division of Finance and Management
  • Division of Institutional Advancement
  • Division of Student Affairs


  • School of Arts and Sciences
  • School of Education
  • School of Professional Studies