Statement on Diversity

Respect for diversity is an essential component of academic excellence that prepares our graduates to be citizens of the greater global community. SUNY Cortland aspires to create a common vision or our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion as critical core values of academic excellence. To that end, the campus community upholds the following principles.

SUNY Cortland is dedicated to the premise that every individual is important in a unique way and contributes to the overall quality of the institution. We define diversity broadly to include all aspects of human difference. The College is committed to inclusion, equity, and access and thus committed to creating and sustaining a climate that is equitable, respectful and free from prejudice for students, faculty and staff.

We value diversity in the learning environment and know that it enhances our ability to inspire students to learn, lead and serve in a changing world. We are committed to promoting a diverse and inclusive campus through the recruitment and retention of faculty, staff and students. As a community, we hold important the democracy of ideas, tempered by a commitment to free speech and the standards of inquiry and debate. To this end, we are dedicated to developing and sustaining a learning environment where it is safe to explore our differences and celebrate the richness inherent in our pluralistic society.

(Approved by President Bitterbaum June 10, 2013)