Strategic Plan

SUNY Cortland 2018-2023 A Commitment to Community

Our Vision

SUNY Cortland will be a college of opportunity, from which students graduate with the knowledge, integrity, skills and compassion to excel as leaders, citizens, scholars, teachers and champions of excellence. Prospective students and employees will choose the College in response to its nationally recognized academic programs, innovation and experiential learning, and the rich intellectual, social and athletic life on the campus. SUNY Cortland will be a center for intellectual, cultural and economic growth, distinguished by successful partnerships with organizations, schools, agencies and businesses throughout the region, the nation and the world.

Our Values

Focus on the Students

All decisions, plans and actions revolve around students’ academic, personal, social and cultural development and wellness.


Dedication to honesty, hard work, high personal and professional standards, and respect for people, perspectives and the environment.

Intellectual Life

Commitment to inquiry, academic rigor, creativity, lifelong learning and contribution to discipline, profession and the greater good.

Our Priorities

Academic Excellence

Cultivate programs of academic excellence that are recognized for integrity of curriculum, outstanding student learning outcomes and contributions to the discipline.

Transformational Education

Ensure every student will have engaging and transformational educational experiences.


Become a national leader in the promotion of the physical, emotional, cultural and social well-being of all community members.

Maximize Resources

Maximize resources so that structures, decision-making and processes all work toward institutional vision, responsiveness and sustainability.

Strategic Priorities and Objectives Summary (PDF)