Anthropology Major

Immerse yourself in the study of the human condition. Examine how societies and cultures are formed and how they shape and are shaped by human behavior.

Caleigh does research in the Forensic Anthropology Lab (note: none of the remains depicted are human)

Career Potential

  • Corporate positions in culture management
  • International aid agency positions such as U.S.A.I.D
  • S. government/State Department positions
  • Education/teaching including Native American schools (with certification)
  • A.R.E. posts
  • Primate rehabilitation centers, zoos such as World/National Wildlife Federation

What Will I Learn?

  • Develop analytical, critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills that are vital in any walk of life.

Concentration Options

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Special Features

  • Hands-on-work with objects in the in-house Brooks Museum and Lee Beam Collection with material from archaeological excavations
  • Small classes, individualized attention
  • Anthropology Honors Program

Get Involved

Students in the Brooks MuseumThere are plenty of opportunities for independent research, internships, fieldwork, study abroad and service-learning that will let you put classroom theory to the test in the real world.

Student Clubs

  • Sociology/ Anthropology Club

Honor Societies

Next Steps

Contact Us

Office: Moffett Center, Room 0119
Phone: 607-753-2726
Fax: 607-753-5973

Fast Facts

  • The archaeology lab is home to many human skeletons, animal bones and artifacts used for teaching.
  • The Brooks Museum in Moffett Center houses a collection of nearly 200 items, some of which are available for long-term loan.

Type of Degree

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Credit Hours: 120


We recognize excellence in our students with awards and scholarships.

  • Delmar C. Palm Award for Exemplary Volunteer Service
  • Anthropology Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement
  • Rozanne M. Brooks Sociology Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement
  • Criminology Award for Outstanding Academic Achievement

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