Sociology/Anthropology Department

When you explore sociology and anthropology at SUNY Cortland, you’ll immerse yourself in the study of the human condition. You’ll examine how societies and cultures are formed and how they shape and are shaped by human behavior. You’ll develop analytical, critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills that are vital in any walk of life.

Classes are small, led by faculty who are eager to help you succeed. Opportunities for independent research, internships, fieldwork, study abroad and service-learning will let you put classroom theory to the test in the real world.

The list of career paths the department prepares students for is long and diverse. Our graduates have gone on to successful careers as educators, law enforcers, human service professionals, cultural resource managers, researchers, attorneys, human rights advocates, and more. The skills we impart are transferable across numerous fields. 


How Youth Use Self-Injury is Topic

Janis Whitlock will discuss self-harm as a mode of expression on March 13.

Fear of Wilderness Is Feb. 27 Topic

Recreation expert Sharon Todd has studied why Millennials avoid the out-of-doors.

Moffett Center Remake Planned

The former athletic complex’s Phase II transformation will feature first-class academic space.

Death Penalty Scholar to Speak Nov. 7

Right-wing nationalism could fuel a world-wide capital punishment spike.

Reading Reprises 1961 Speech on Empowering Women

A landmark lecture by the late sociologist Rozanne M. Brooks will be read again Nov. 13.


  • Sociology/Anthropology Club
  • Alpha Kappa Delta (International Honor Society for Sociology)
  • Alpha Phi Sigma (National Honor Society for Criminology)

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