Student Teaching Information

Student Teaching Information

Information and forms for SUNY Cortland student teachers, cooperating teachers, and supervisors are available on the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office website. Below you will find additional student teaching information specific to the Physical Education Department.


All physical education student teachers and supervisors receive a hard copy of the:

Physical Education Student Teaching Handbook

Additional information follows:


Physical Education Student Teachers:


Mandated Workshops (includes links and information related to CARR, SAVE and DASA)

FREE CARR Workshops

Coaching/Extra-curricular Assignment form

Coaching/Extra-curricular Evaluation form

School Visit form

Weekly Appraisal

Weekly Schedule


Physical Education Cooperating Teachers:


Cooperating Teacher Timeline

Conferencing with your Student Teacher

Systematic Observation Tools:

            Time Analysis

            Event Recording


Writing letters of recommendation


Physical Education University Supervisors:


Supervisor Timeline

Student Teacher Appraisal

Mini Work Sample Assignment

STE Rubrics