Fall 2021 Guidance/COVID-19 Information


If you have questions relating to academic advising within the Physical Education Department, please contact the advisement coordinator, Helene Schmid.

Helene Schmid
Phone: 607-753-4589
E-mail: helene.schmid@cortland.edu

Be sure to download the 2020 Academic Advising Manual (PDF) for the physical education program.

For graduate programs only, be sure to download the 2020 Graduate PE Manual (PDF).

Student Teaching

Physical education majors who plan to become teacher-certified must complete a student teaching experience. Student teaching is a fourteen credit-hour, full semester course taken during the senior year.

The student teaching experience at SUNY Cortland is very highly regarded as the "culminating experience" of our entire education program, and , as such it is considered to be the single most important aspect of preparing for a career as a teacher.

In the semester prior to student teaching, teacher candidates must enroll in EDU 454 Pre-Student Teaching Conference (.5 credit). Student teaching requirements are explained during this course and compiled in the Physical Education Student Teaching Handbook.

The Physical Education Department at SUNY Cortland abides by policies and procedures set forth in the College Student Teaching Handbook distributed by the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office. Handbooks are given to student teachers, cooperating teachers and college supervisors. If you are in need of a handbook, contact the Field Experience and School Partnerships Office at 607-753-2824.

Visit out Resources page for important documents, forms and guides.