Interlibrary Loan

Why use interlibrary loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is used to obtain materials needed for research which are not owned by Memorial Library by borrowing them or requesting photocopies or electronic delivery from other libraries.  Our Interlibrary Loan system is called ILLiad.

Who may use this service?

ILL is available to SUNY Cortland faculty, staff, and students only. It is recommended that you set up an ILLiad account if you do not already have one.   Patrons can request up to 25 outstanding items at any one time.

How do you proceed?

Books not available @ Memorial Library can be requested from libraries that are part of our cooperative borrowing Resource Sharing system through ONESearch, which can be found on the Library Tab of MyRedDragon. Requests for books should be submitted through ONESearch to take advantage of the typically longer loan periods.

If a book request cannot be filled by a Resource Sharing library, which includes other SUNY campus libraries and regional libraries (such as Ithaca College) using the same library system, then the request will automatically be sent to ILLiad.  ILLiad credentials need to be verified annually for requests to be processed.

Book requests on average take about 2 weeks.

Due dates are assigned by the lending library. If you need to request a renewal, you can do so online in your library account  BEFORE the due date. Please note that this is a request for renewal - it is not automatically renewed.  Renewal is at the discretion of the lending library.

Not returning items by the assigned due dates may result in additional fines and/or loss of ILL and Memorial Library borrowing privileges.

Pick up and drop off all ILL materials at The Help Center.  

Articles: all requests for articles, not available @ Memorial Library must be submitted electronically through ONESearch or ILLiad.

The U.S. Copyright Law limits SUNY Cortland to one article request from the same current issue; there is also a limit of five requests from the current five years of a journal title.

Article requests average 2-4 days.

Articles will be sent in electronic format, either as a PDF or a link.  The articles will remain available to you in your ILLiad account for 30 days, or can be downloaded and saved if needed beyond 30 days.

Accessing your Interlibrary Loan Account?

ILLiad is accessible from the Library Tab of MyRedDragon or from within ONESearch.

What items may be difficult to get?

Reference books, bound periodicals, doctoral dissertations, genealogies, unpublished works, oversized, rare or fragile items (especially manuscripts or newspapers not in microform) are not typically available for loan. 


Contact the Interlibrary Loan Department at:

Phone: 607-753-2928