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SUNY Cortland Recreation Association

SCRA is Cortland's recreation major's club. It is open to all SUNY Cortland fee-paying students. The student-run club provides members and participants with opportunities to socialize, exchange ideas and experiences, give service to the community, and expand educational opportunities. 

Co-Advisors: Jason Page and Esther VanGorder

Activities of SCRA

Professional development workshops, social activities, outdoor adventure trips, Fall Banquet, Spring Awards Banquet, travel to conferences, and much more. 

 SCRA River Cleanup 2010

Coalition for Education in the Outdoors

The Coalition for Education in the Outdoors is an international non-profit network of outdoor education scholars who share a mission – the support and furtherance of critically examined research that serves the goals (education “in, for and about” the outdoors) of outdoor education. Click here to learn more. 

Inclusive Recreation Resource Center

Housed in the SUNY Cortland Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies Department, the mission of the Center is to promote and sustain participation by people of all abilities in inclusive recreation activities and resources. We help people play wherever they choose! Click here to learn more.

Rho Phi Lambda


What is Rho Phi Lambda?

Rho Phi Lambda is the national honorary fraternity for Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Services. The SUNY Cortland Chapter is Alpha Eta. To achieve the honor of membership in Rho Phi Lambda, a student must show evidence of academic excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service to campus or community. They must be in the upper 15% of their class and have a minimum GPA of 3.2 in professional courses.

2018 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Abigail Borzell, Stefania Cuomo, Katherine Darcangelis, Jenai Goodwin, Kimberlin Britt Grillo, Katherine Kozak, Elisa Knapp, Heather Malloy, Katrina Peralta

2017 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Adam Cusner, Jessie Espinet, Cynthia Manduca, Audrey Marion, Abigail Scharadin, Olivia Terry, Michelle Beebe, Adrianna Del Amo, Allison Gipple, Jane Kallmerten, Allison Stein

2016 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Ashlee Boughton, Regina Bulson, Morgan Conley, Kristina Georgilis, Ksenia Hanlon, Eleanor Harvey, Marisa Lobelson, Mary McNally, Sydney Oshinsky, Kaitlyn Ryan, Clarice Chastang, Chloe Crawford, Susannah Gertz, Ian Haines, Geoffrey Peppel

2015 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Alexa Caselli, Christopher Grisolia, Megan O’Grady, Marie Sullivan, Rosemarie Tibball, Eric Bacon, Tracy Frenyea, Lisa Jamais

2014 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Caralie Fennessey, Kaitlyn Goldrick, Shelby Morrison, Diana Ottomanelli, Brian Vonderlin, Roger Barkman

2013 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Jessica Andrianos, Jenna Carson, Melissa Case, Emily Hunt, Neal Nelson, Sarah Powers, Alexandra Ramirez, Erinn Rodman, Brian Skeats

2012 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Ariene Balbach, Raena Blumenthal, May Faulk, Karsyn Lieber, Tyler Merriam, Kevin Morris, Robyn Perez, Kelsey Persons, Clara Pittleman, Nicholas Prechel, Natasha Roseboom, Alexsandra Dubin, Heather Hill, Steven Schaap

2011 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Ben Banker, Whitney Battin, Angelique Bovee, Amber Busby-Luettger, Melanie Canna, Emily Cosnett, Josh Fonner, Maria Hart, Sarah Heil, Jenna Holden, Cameron Johnson, Devon Keir, Mitch Lemery, Jennifer Miller, Deanna Moore, Jason Page, Jennifer Page, Charles Rhode, Wendy Richards, Veronica Ripp, Brigitta Roser, Ashley Sherlock, Chelsea Smith, Amanda Speziale, Jennifer Stark, Elizabeth Vehring

2010 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Emily Balles, Lauren Blackburn, David Burnette, Greg Kroohs, Sarah Wryk, Hobit Lafay, Amanda Lengauer, Amanda Perl, Lisa Spadafore

2009 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Eugene Borzendowski, Lindsey Brown, Katherine Conant, Jon Cooney, Brandi Crowe, Stefanie Higgins, Kristiana Kalb, Andra Smith, Dan Sullivan, Josh Teeter

2008 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Michael Anderson, Jacqueline Johnston, Timothy Rodriguez, Orion Roeder, Richard "Ben" Rowell, Katie Sutliff, Lin Zhang

2007 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Josh Bochnicak, Kara Carrino, Donna Dvoracek, Katie Elliot, Ben Hale

2006 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda:

Jessica Anderson, Brandy Boden, Joseph Carlson, Patricia Cole, Jennifer Gilmartin, David Hamilton, Kristen Lamphear, Lori Pilosi, Anne Scharmberg, Katherine Sclafani, Sarah Unruh

2005 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda

Beth Bojarski, Elizabeth Coveney, Jessica Krueger, Shana Palmer

2004 Inductees into Rho Phi Lambda

Walt Anderson, Dyanna Baker, Kari Benson, Emily Rau, Samuel Rose, Sarah Schieber, Margery Storey, Jennifer Tynan, Lyndsey Wilcox