Chemistry Major

Learn chemistry by doing it in state-of the-art labs using the same tools professionals use. Work side-by-side with a faculty mentor as you engage in original research. Student research is a signature strength of our chemistry program.

Career Potential

  • Industrial chemist
  • Health professions
  • Research scientist
  • Consultant
  • Patent attorney
  • State and federal agency scientist and policy maker

What Will I Learn?

In recent years, student researchers have explored

  • Nanotechnology
  • Polymer Chemistry
  • Chemical Biology and Organic Synthesis
  • Groundwater Contamination and Molecular Synthesis

Concentration Options

Environmental Science

  • Discover the interdisciplinary nature of environmental problems.
chemistry lab

Special Features

  • Small classes, personal attention
  • Use of modern instruments and methods
  • Extensive laboratory experience
  • Opportunities to collaborate with faculty doing original research
  • Excellent record of graduate school placements and fellowships

Get Involved

College is more than a classroom. Enhance your experience with extracurricular opportunities: 

  • Undergraduate research
  • Present your work at Transformations

Student Club

Next Steps

Contact Us

Office: Bowers Hall, Room 342
Phone: 607-753-4323
Fax: 607-753-5928

Fast Facts

The concrete for the campus sidewalks was poured only after students had already created their own paths through the grass. That’s the reason for so many diagonal sidewalks that cut through the straight sidewalks.

Type of Degree

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Credit Hours: 124


We recognize excellence in our students with awards and scholarships.

  • Arden P. Zipp Scholarship
  • Top Graduating Senior in Chemistry
  • Chemical Rubber Company (C.R.C.) Press Award for Outstanding Student in General Chemistry
  • Arden P. Zipp Prize in Inorganic Chemistry
  • Outstanding Student Research in Chemistry

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