About 30-40 percent of chemistry majors go on to do graduate work in chemistry and related fields. Another 30-40 percent find employment in industry, and the remainder specialize in Secondary Teaching or in the 3-2 Engineering programs. More than 90 percent of Cortland graduates are employed in the field.

Employment opportunities for B.S. degree chemistry majors cover a wide range of options, including working as research assistants, quality control experts, sales and marketing staff, environmental technical support, and secondary teaching. Persons with advanced degrees can be directors of research, university professors, technical consultants, and governmental researchers among many other options. Chemists are in demand in the pharmaceutical, chemical, petroleum, and materials industries, and are employed at all levels of government involving technical operations. Chemists are also hired in non-traditional careers, such as the legal profession, in business and in health-related professions.

Career Counseling

The Chemistry Department has extensive experience in providing guidance to students in pursuit of graduate school or jobs in industry. We have an established network of contacts in industry through former graduates of the department, who provide information about career opportunities and direct access to employment. Almost every student who has wanted to enter graduate school has found a suitable position. Through our extensive contacts with high schools across the state, students have ready access the teaching positions and have a very high placement record.