Curriculum Procedures and Process

Please refer to the SUNY Cortland Curriculum Change Guide to find information on:

  • Recommendations for getting started
  • Levels of Curriculum Change
  • Role and Responsibilities for Review
  • Guidelines for Program Change or Development
  • Guidelines for Catalog Course Descriptions
  • Arrangement for Catalog Course Descriptions
  • Guidelines for Academic Program Requirements (UG and GR)
  • Timeline for Implementation
  • Course Attributes

Important Dates

Deadlines for Level 1 changes for implementation the following fall
Department Chair approval  Feb. 1
School Dean approval Feb. 15
Provost March 1
Deadlines for Level II and III changes for implementation the following fall
Department Curriculum Committee approval Oct. 15
Department Chair approval Nov. 15
School Curriculum Committee approval Dec. 15
School Dean Jan.15
Provost (SUNY and SED) March 1
Deadline for Attributes approval
General Education, Liberal Arts, Writing Intensive & Presentation Skills June 1