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School of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Committee

School of Arts and Sciences Curricular Committee

The responsibility of the curriculum committee is to evaluate the pedagogical and academic merit of each proposal, giving due deference to the subject matter expertise of the faculty or department originating the proposal. The committee will examine overlap or duplication of course content with other courses or programs and determine if the proposal affects the offerings of another department. Committee members have the responsibility of thoroughly reading proposals and providing comments on recommendation for approval. Members are also expected to participate in the voting process during meetings.

2020-2021 Membership

  • DeTuri, Vincent - Associate Dean, Arts and Sciences Designee, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Gathagan, Laura - Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Holdredge, Scott - Arts and Humanities
  • Johnson, Kent - Social and Behavioral Sciences
  • Kadas, Szilvia - Arts and Humanities
  • Roat, Jolie - Natural Science and Math
  • Werner, Jeffrey, Chair - Natural Science and Math

This committee meets every Friday at 3 p.m.

Meeting minutes can be found in Curriculog.