Graduate Faculty Executive Committee

 2023-2024 Members and Areas Represented

  • Badurek, Christopher - Library and Departments Having No Graduate Programs
  • Colucci, Austin - Graduate Student Representative
  • Dames, Kevin - Graduate Faculty At Large
  • DeTuri, Vincent - Arts and Sciences Designee, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Diller, Nancy - Curriculum Coordinator, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Edlund, Eric - Educational Policy Committee Representative
  • Frenyea, Tracy - Graduate Student Support Representative
  • Gathagan, Laura; Chair - English; History; Modern Languages
  • Gravani, Eileen - Professional Studies Designee, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Kim, Ji-Ryun - Childhood/Early Childhood; Foundations & Social Advocacy
  • McGinnis, Peter - Kinesiology; Physical Education; Sport Management
  • Martin Tse, Jennifer - Registrar's Office designee, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Newvine, Keith - Literacy
  • Reichel, Lori - Communication Disorders and Sciences; Health; Recreation, Parks and Leisure Studies
  • Rombach, Kim - Education Designee, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Tucker, Jillian - Admissions Representative, ex-officio, non-voting
  • Van Der Karr, Carol - Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Provost Designee, ex officio, non-voting
  • Vacant - Biological Sciences; Chemistry; Geology; Math; Physics

Graduate Faculty Applications

Faculty who hold the rank of professor, associate professor, assistant professor, librarian, assistant librarian, associate librarian, or administrative positions of school dean or above, are welcome to apply for Graduate Faculty Status.  

Graduate Student Funding Opportunities

The Graduate Faculty Executive Committee (GFEC) is pleased to provide financial support in the form of grants for SUNY Cortland graduate students to promote research and creative activities and for travel to present at conferences.  Currently, the GFEC oversees two funding programs: (1) GFEC Small Grants Program; and (2) GFEC Graduate Student Research Travel Grants.

Graduate Small Grants Program

The Graduate Faculty Executive Committee anticipates awarding a number of small grants to graduate students in direct support of their research or creative activities.  Proposals from all academic disciplines are welcome and encouraged.

The GFEC Small Grants Program is aimed to support original research or creative activities that students complete independently or in collaboration with other graduate students.  The award is designed to help defray the cost of travel in direct support of the project being conducted, equipment and supplies not budgeted by the sponsoring department, and other materials deemed necessary to successfully conduct a project.

The small grants program is not intended to:  (i) provide salary stipends for students and their faculty advisors; (ii) support travel to professional conferences or meetings; or (iii) purchase major equipment (including computer technology).  Students seeking support for travel-related expenses to present at professional conferences should apply for a Research Travel Grant.

Should the application be successful, the actual award amount may depend on available funds, number of applicants, and the distance/costs necessary for travel.  Students requesting reimbursement for travel related expenses must complete a travel authorization form prior to traveling.

Eligibility Requirements

1.   Any matriculated SUNY Cortland graduate student, enrolled during the semester of the grant. Student must be in good academic standing (not on probation, leave of absence or suspension).

2    Grant funding should be fully expended by June 30 in the academic year in which the grant is awarded.


Small Grant awardees are expected to provide a one-page written summary of outcomes at the end of the semester in which they receive the grant.  Summaries should be submitted to the Graduate Faculty Executive Committee Office, Miller Building Room 404.

Evaluation Criteria

Proposals will be reviewed by the GFEC.  The evaluation criteria will include: the intellectual quality of the project; the merit of the research/creative experience; and reasonableness of the proposed budget.

2023-24 Deadline: April 12, 2024

Applications are continuously accepted throughout the semester, but no later than Friday, April 12, 2024.  Applications will be reviewed once per semester.

Small Grants Application Form            Reimbursement Guidelines

Graduate Research Travel Grants Program

The Graduate Faculty Executive Committee’s Student Travel Grant Program is designed to assist with reimbursing travel and conference registration costs of SUNY Cortland full-time graduate students who travel to present the results of their research at regional, national, or international conferences*.  Students must have a faculty sponsor/mentor.

Awards are for travel between July 1, 2023 and June 30, 2024. The GFEC will accept only one application per eligible applicant per year, either during the fall or spring semester. The application must be submitted during the semester in which the travel takes place, or in the case of summer travel (after June 30), in the following Fall semester. The application may be for travel that has already taken place (e.g., before the application deadline) during that semester or at a later date in the semester in which the application is submitted.

Should the application be successful, the actual award amount may depend on available funds, number of applicants, and the distance/costs necessary for travel. Awards will typically be less than $500. Travel awards can only be applied for actual expenses incurred, and award recipients must submit original receipts to receive travel reimbursement.  A complete application MUST include documentation that the student will be presenting (or has presented) at a professional and/or academic conference.

The GFEC encourages faculty sponsors to attend the conference with their presenting student(s).  To this end, the GFEC may be able to offer limited funds toward faculty travel when other funding sources (e.g. faculty grants, school allotment, College Research Committee grants, UUP/IDA grants, and Faculty Development Center Small Grants Program) are exhausted or insufficient.

Application Deadlines:

Spring Submission: Friday, April 12, 2024

Research Travel Grant Application Form         Reimbursement Guidelines

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