Climate Finance Tracking

The Climate Finance Tracking and Coordination Committee

The committee is charged with the task of consulting with departments and divisions on campus to assemble what the College is planning to do for the coming five years to fund actions related to the most current version of the Climate Action Plan.  This would include assessing how much money should be budgeted, from what sources, and how much external support they plan to seek related to external grants or loans.

Current Members

  • Matthew Brubaker, Campus Energy Manager, committee chair
  • Michelle Congdon, Office Assistant III for Human Resources
  • Dan Davis, Director of ASC Facilities, Equipment, and Planning
  • Welly Ekoumilong, Student
  • Lisa Kahle, Director of Campus Technology Services
  • Beth Klein, Professor of Science Education, Campus Sustainability Coordinator
  • Lisi Krall, Professor of Economics
  • Juanita Larrabee, Manager, Contracts and Compliance
  • Jody Maroney, Budget Officer
  • Linette Mowers, Assistant Director for General Services
  • Zach Newswanger, Director of Facilities Operations and Services
  • Nasrin Parvizi, Associate Vice President for Facilities Management
  • Peter Perkins, Vice President for Institutional Advancement
  • Tashania Treasure, Student
  • Bill Veit, Risk Management Officer

Contact Us

Matthew Brubaker

Campus Energy Manager

Facilities Operations and Services


phone:  607-753-2272