Culturally Responsive Teaching

The Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) Initiative at SUNY Cortland supports the campus mission of creating diverse learning experiences by promoting instructional practices that are responsive to the needs of all students. Our work is grounded in the idea that culture is shaped by our lived and social experiences; culture is ever-present in our beliefs, values and expectations, and can have a significant impact on teaching and learning. In order to foster classroom environments of mutual respect where all are valued, the CRT Initiative will offer sustained professional development opportunities that address access to curricula and inclusive pedagogical approaches.

Learn more about CRT practices in Carl S. Moore's presentation, Scholarly Practitioners: Inviting ALL Students to Learn via Research-Based Methods (powerpoint).


Lorraine Lopez-Janove, Chief Diversity Officer

Christopher Gascon

Deborah Matheron

Sebastian Purcell

Anne Burns Thomas