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As a graduate student, you have an opportunity to work as a graduate assistant — teaching, assisting with research or joining the coaching staff of an athletic team.

Graduate assistant positions are available in the following capacities:

You may be assigned primary research responsibilities for a specific project or program.

You may be assigned teaching responsibilities or other instructor tasks as assigned by a faculty supervisor.

You may be assigned coaching responsibilities for various athletic teams.

You may be assigned responsibilities in offices such as Recreational Sports, Research and Sponsored Programs, Academic Support and Achievement (ASAP) or Institutional Research and Analysis.


Graduate assistants typically receive tuition support for a maximum of six credit hours per semester. Some graduate assistant positions will also receive an academic year stipend averaging between $5,000 - $6,000 for a maximum of 20 hours per week for the academic year.

If you are an out-of-state graduate student receiving graduate assistant support, you will not be responsible for paying the difference between resident and non-resident tuition for the six credit hours.

If your graduate assistant position does not include a stipend, you will work approximately 10 hours per week while classes are in session.

Application Process

You must be accepted into a degree program or have a pending application to a degree program before you can apply for a graduate assistant position. Only students that have been accepted into a degree program can be offered a graduate assistant position.

Please complete an application and forward it to the Graduate Admissions Office. All positions will remain posted until filled. Once a position has been filled, it will be removed from this site.

You are responsible for making sure required recommendations are submitted with your application. Incomplete applications will not be processed. A separate application for each position is required. Back to top

Graduate Assistant Application

You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to access these files. If you are visually impaired and using a screen reader, you may need to download the latest Acrobat Reader.

If you are unable to access the information, please phone the Graduate Admissions Office at 607-753-4800 to request a printed version of the forms.

Graduate Assistant Application in PDF format (for filling in and printing)

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  • Graduate Assistants who received a stipend as well as tuition support can be offered additional work of up to 1-2 hours per week while classes are in session through temporary service payroll.
  • Graduate assistants who receive tuition support only can be offered additional work up to 10 hours per week while classes are in session through temporary service payroll.
  • The additional work must be approved by the sponsoring department/office and will be considered as supported through temporary service payroll.
  • All graduate assistants can be offered additional work without limitations during the Summer and Winter Sessions.
  • Graduate assistants may assist faculty with classes and may teach laboratory sections but are not permitted to teach classes.

Graduate Assistantship Policy

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Graduate Assistant Position Announcements for 2017-2018

Additional funding opportunities for graduate students in the Kinesiology and Recreation, Parks, and Leisure Studies departments are listed after the graduate assistant positions.


The Graduate Assistant Positions for Athletics for 2017-2018 have been filled.

School of Arts and Sciences

English and Professional Writing

School of Education

The Graduate Assistant Positions for the School of Education for 2017-2018 have been filled.

School of Professional Studies

Communication Disorders and Sciences

Sport Management

Student Affairs

Disability Services

Additional Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

Once accepted in a graduate program, students will be able to obtain information about the following positions from their academic department.

Lab instructors for the Kinesiology Department: Please contact the department for application information at 607-753-4300 or at

Biomechanics (2 positions available)

Exercise Physiology (2 positions available)

Motor Behavior (2 positions available)

Lab instructors for Physical Education: Please contact the department for application information at 607-753-5577.

Adapted Physical Education (2 positions available)