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Public Course Schedule

The online course schedule is available for anyone to search for classes for registration. The schedule gives you the ability to use a variety of search features and filters to look for courses. After selecting the semester you are interested in, you may search by course prefix, course number, course attribute, course status, and course title.

Course Schedule

Location and Building Codes

Learn what the campus location and building codes mean by using our online guide.

Location Code Chart Remote Learning Spaces: Rooms available to student to join courses online.

Visiting and Cross-Registering Students

If you are a visiting student (non-matriculated student) attempting to register, please access our visiting student page for policies and registration instructions.  You may also review our cross-registration instructions if you are planning to attend using the SUNY cross-registration agreement.  Please do not hesitate to contact the Student Registration and Records Services if you have any questions about visitor registration or cross-registration.

Registration Dates and Time Tickets - Cortland Students

  • View Important Dates and Deadlines on our Calendar page for registration and drop/add dates for Cortland (matriculated) students. 
  • Undergraduate students will need to meet with their advisor to plan their schedule and obtain their PIN number.
  • Graduate students do not require a PIN to register.
  • Once time tickets are made active you will be able to see your registration time frame in myRedDragon under the Registrar's Channel, Online Registration.
  • Undergraduate students are assigned time tickets based on earned credit hours.
  • Any "holds" on your record must be resolved before registration.
  • Additional registration guidance, FAQs and information is published on the Advisement and Transition site as well.

Online Registration Tutorial for Cortland Students

Connected Courses (Lectures and Labs/Recitations)

Screenshot of a course with multiple sectionsMany courses will have multiple elements associated with them. For example, many of the science courses offered at Cortland have a lecture and a lab component. When viewing the public schedule, the lecture will appear at the top of the list, with the labs appearing below and indented.  

This indicates that these courses are linked, and you must register for the lecture, and the lab (or one of multiple lab options).

About Auditing

IMPORTANT: On campus course auditing by visitors has been suspended for Spring 2020 through Winter 2021 to minimize the spread of COVID-19.  Visiting auditors are still welcome to audit online sections where space is available.

You may have the opportunity to audit a SUNY Cortland class if space is available and you have the appropriate permissions. Auditing permission may be granted to current SUNY Cortland students, students attending other institutions, and community members.

As an auditor, you may be exempt from completing assignments and exams, but you may be required to participate fully in the class and associated activities. You should seek to clarify the instructor's expectations when seeking permission to audit.

Persons 60 Years of Age or Older

Effective Sept. 1, 1974, Chapter 1002 of the Session Laws of New York 1974 amends sections 355 and 6303 of the Education Law to permit persons 60 years of age and older to enroll in courses at colleges in State University of New York without tuition, examination, grading, or credit. The permission to enroll is on a space available basis as determined by the president of the College and provided that such audit attendance will not interfere with the attendance of otherwise qualified students.  

Auditing Process:

  1. Complete the Petition to Audit form (PDF), with appropriate approvals.

  2. Submit form to Student Registrations and Records Services no later than the first week of the class. If you have not attended Cortland before, and are not a current faculty or staff member, you will be required to complete the Student Conduct form (PDF). You must also provide medical and immunization forms to Student Health Services before the end of the first week of class.

  3. Auditors are also eligible to apply for a weekly guest account that will enable access to myRedDragon services and allow for the use of college computer labs. Auditors are not eligible for a college email account.

  4. If your instructor requires you to have web access to Blackboard, you must contact the Help Center at 607-753-2500 or to learn how to access Blackboard.

Alternate Registration Process

Paper/alternate registration is provided to accommodate certain transactions that cannot be completed in myRedDragon. Please review the registration calendar to determine when the form is accepted. This form is provided for:

  • Registration for visiting students (non-matriculated) who are registering where web registration is closed, but the drop/add period is still open.

  • Registration for all students who are registering in summer and winter session where web registration is closed but the drop/add period is still open.

  • Specialized registration to accommodate extended learning courses, "College in the High Schools" courses, and Reading Recovery programs.

  • Exceptional registration transactions with Associate Dean approval.

Completion Steps

You are invited to come to the office to work with a trained staff member to complete your registration.  When registering in person, you will be able to complete the entire process at once. When faxing or mailing, please be sure your request will arrive at least 24 hours before any applicable deadlines.

  1. Find your course using the online course schedule.
    Find courses using the searchable online schedule. You will need the CRN (course reference number) and the course subject, number and section to register. Please review all course details and requirements carefully.

  2. Complete the Visiting Student Information Form (if you are a visiting / non-matriculated student).
    Students will complete this form prior to submitting the registration form.  Students must have an active record and a Cortland ID number to register. It takes 12 hours (overnight) to assign a user name, password and time ticket.

  3. Obtain permission or receive pre-requisite verification before submitting the Schedule Change / Alternate Registration Form. 
    You must obtain all permissions and fulfill all obligations for course entry (including fulfilling pre-requisites) before submitting this request. If you do not have the required permissions in place, you cannot be registered. 

  4. Complete the Schedule Change / Alternate Registration Form. 
    Use the online form to complete your registration.  You will be required to have an active SUNY Cortland login to use the form. After you submit your request, you will receive an information email. 

  5. Student Registration and Records Services will contact you via email.
    We will send you an email confirming your registration, and (if required) we will also include your Cortland ID and system login information. If you do not receive a confirmation, you should follow up with the office to confirm your form was received.

  6. Pay your tuition bill online prior to the drop deadline after you are registered.
    Contact Student Accounts for payment details if required. You can learn how to use the online student account system using the online guide. If your payment method is invalid or declined by student accounts you will be de-registered, and will be required to resubmit your request with valid payment. Students who cannot provide payment on the form may pay by establishing payment arrangements with Student Accounts and/or Financial Aid when on campus.

    • Students applying for/receiving financial aid are still required to submit payment information when faxing or mailing the alternate registration form. If sufficient aid is in place and finalized your payment method will not be charged. Please consult the Financial Aid office for information regarding your aid package, and to be certain you have completed all of the needed steps for accepting and finalizing your aid package.

    • Students with billing questions are strongly urged to contact Student Accounts in advance to be sure they understand liability and cost. You should resolve your payment inquiries and questions with Student Accounts prior to submitting the form. 

    • The Student Registration and Records Services office will not accept forms where restrictions, limits, notes regarding payment methods, or payment / cost inquiries are included on the form or when payment is not included.

Student Requirements & Obligations

According to NYS law and SUNY policy, students must also review and complete the following. Failure to complete requirements can result in administrative holds on your account and/or the removal of courses.

  1. Code of Student Conduct Review and Affirmation
    SUNY policy requires that all SUNY Cortland students review and agree to abide by the Code of Student Conduct and other related policies when they enroll at the College. Visit the Student Conduct Office page for advanced details, and to review the complete Code of Student Conduct. When registering online, you will affirm the College Code of Conduct.

  2. Submit Any Required Immunization and Health Forms
    Students are required to complete immunization requirements when attending classes on campus. Please visit the Student Health Service site for information concerning immunization and health history requirements.  

Form and Document Delivery

Email is not a secure medium for transmitting private data or credit card information. You may not email the forms below. Only faxed or mailed forms (USPS or FedEx) are accepted in accord with PCI DSS and regulatory standards.

Required Forms and Information

Alternate Registration forms must include payment. Incomplete forms will be returned without processing.

Tuition Reference

You must calculate and provide the tuition and fee amount on the form. Please contact Student Accounts if you have tuition or fee inquiries.

Office Information

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