SUNY Cross Registration

Cross-Registration for SUNY Students

The State University of New York established SUNY-wide cross-registration in order to provide undergraduate students with a wider array of course completion options. All students may apply online through SUNY to receive the cross-registration benefit.

When participating in the cross-registration process, you are strongly encouraged to give yourself adequate time, since several levels of approval are required at the home and host schools. 

Visiting Students (Cortland is the Host School)

Visiting SUNY students are welcome to attend SUNY Cortland under the SUNY-wide cross-registration agreement.  The agreement permits students to cross-register at Cortland when they are matriculated at another SUNY school (the home school).  Please download and review the Cross-Registration Guide for Visiting Students to learn how to cross-register at SUNY Cortland.

Cortland Students (Cortland is the Home School)

Please download and review the Cross-Registration Guide for SUNY Cortland Students to learn how to cross-register at a host institution.